Marijuana.com is the definitive online source for all aspects related to the marijuana industry. Whether you’re a novice smoker or a seasoned grower, there’s something for you on Marijuana.com. Simply put, if you’re looking for information or products in the realm of marijuana, you can find it here.

What you can expect from the site:

  • News Blog: Daily news updates from our News Section (hyperlink). If there’s an important story that breaks regarding the cannabis industry–medical or not–we will cover it. This blog, in addition to typical news stories, will also feature a variety of different posts, ranging from strain reviews to opinionated features to expert grow tips to exclusive editorials.
  • The Daily Bake: Each day we will upload a new video intended to give you the scoop on a variety of aspects within the marijuana industry, such as celebrity stoner gossip, music news, and anything we view as Kushy enough for your viewing pleasure. The Daily Bake is your reliable visual source for all things herbal.
  • Real Time Seed Pricing Index: The site features a widget from the marijuana seed index SeedMine (hyperlink). This “real time” index will keep all the aspiring growers out there updated on what seeds are going at what prices and where they can find them.
  • The 420 Network: Marijuana.com is a key branch in the recently formed “420 Network. Not sure what else to put here just yet.

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