Colorado Orders 25 More Dispensaries to Shutter Doors


Mein Walsh unleashed another Blitzkrieg on Colorado’s collectives today. The dispensary-hating Colorado U.S. Attorney, sent 25 more letters to medical marijuana collectives located within 1,000 feet of schools, telling them they had 45 days to cease and desist or they would be at the mercy of his Iron Fist of Fraudulence (aka criminal prosecution).

While Walsh made it pretty clear this second wave of notices was coming, optimism had sprung when a Boulder DA told him to ease up on his assault. But in the mind of John Walsh, reason and logic do not exist. His mind is instead clouded by a flurry of thoughts that for some reason infuse the belief in him that people under the age of 18 can access marijuana from collectives.

Mitch McConnel and John Walsh should get a room. Then that room should be locked from outside and filled with cannabis fumes. It seems like the only logical way to help buffoons like them understand that marijuana isn’t a dangerous drug.

What would you say to the infamous John Walsh if you bumped into him at your local dispensary watering hole?

Update: Here’s an excerpt from Walsh’s response to Stan Garnett’s letter that was not coincidentally sent out 3 days ago:

“In the second half of 2012 and in 2011, Colorado saw an explosion in the number of marijuana dispensareis, with dozens opening close to schools. This office has reviewed information from many sources, including our public schools, as well as hospitals and medical professionals, that shows an alarming and substantial spike in marijuana abuse by children and young people during that same period.”

Where are the sources, Lebowski?

[Denver Post]

Image via EDNewsColorado

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