Colorado Amendment 64… The Rocky Mountain High


The love of freedom, right to self-determination, and smoking good weed dies hard in the Rocky Mountains. As the ebb and flow of the Colorado Marijuana ballot initiative, which would legalize having small amounts of pot, continues to cultivate a heady following in Colorado. The Coloradans for commons sense have raised and consumed some mind numbing cash numbers. That may be well and good, but the pot hating zealots, who are willing to shove their values down your throat, are in town from out of state. These right wing fear mongers are more than willing to bring with them the legions of doom and despair… they have pledged to defeat Amendment 64, with the help from god above.

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However, much like the Mormon Church did to Prop 8 in Ca. a few years back; Colorado has seen a proliferation of out of state a groups formed to help cultivate national support the marijuana ballot issue. Amendment 64 has sparked a national debate on the marijuana front, as the lion’s share of its contributions towards the legalization, of this god given plant is coming from outside Colorado.

Colorado’s Amendment 64 has collected just south of two  million in donations, from a nation of people that are tired of being bent over, and allowing the fed’s to have their way. As Colorado looks to lead the country out of this malaise of the federal governments over reaching on our national marijuana laws, all but $15,000 of the pro marijuana money came in the form of contributions from marijuana reformers, or persons listing non-Colorado addresses..

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As Colorado marijuana supporters dig deep, in this fight for human rights, the five groups have spent most of their $1.2 million on items such as signature-collection, polling the general public and running ads state wide.

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