Top 10 Songs In New Bob Marley Bio Film


Bob Marley’s soulful biopic “Soul Rebel” was released Apr 12, 2012. This deep new film looks at Bob Marley’s roots within Trench Town and how this man grew to rock all of God’s creatures from the gates of Zion to the bald-headed realm of Babylon. Bob was a rare artist, one whose inspirational music will be heard for generations to come.

In his too brief time on this earth, Marley generated a varied and fluctuating collection of compositions that will endure to be exposed to all peace loving generations to come. Consequently, numerous Rasta inclined people feel as though we knew Bob for all of his struggles and achievements. However, I think I can state with little fear of being wrong that, if you are a hard core Bob fan and think you have heard it all, you have not. This film is loaded with sweet scenery and choice bits of material — perhaps most notably, the significance of many of Marley’s most treasured tunes.

This Marley biopic is a feast for the eyes based on the awe-inspiring seascapes and highlands of Jamaica. The fundamental heart of Bob’s canna-venture through life is the development of Bob from an aspiring young man to a dad, leader, companion, unpretentious megastar and soulful revolutionary, social soldier and profoundly mystical Rastafari .

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1.) Bob Marley: Legalize It

2.) Bob Marley: Get Up Stand Up

3.) Bob Marley: Exodus Live 1980

4.) Bob Marley: War

5.) Bob Marley Rastaman Vibration

6.) Bob Marley: Concrete Jungle

7.) Bob Marley: Punky Reggae Party

8.) Bob Marley: Natural Mystic

9.) Bob Marley: No Woman, No Cry

10.) Bob Marley Redemption Song

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