As The Fed's Close 500 Medical Marijuana Collectives – Long Beach Could Say "Fire Up"


Author: Berry White

Over the past several months, California’s four A.G.’s have been going through the Golden states MMJ world like the 4 housemen of the apocalypse. Crushing over five hundred tax paying, law abiding medical marijuana collectives state wide. This slap to the face of the growing marijuana community has been accomplished with much help from the D.E.A., the  IR.S. and the Department of Justice.

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As the seemingly never ending battle between Long Beach medical marijuana users and the California Supreme Court rages on, the city Council has weighed in to allow for the marijuana dispensaries to continue operating until the Supreme Court hands down its decision.

Long Beach city council had been following the same play book that other CA. cities had been crushing MMJ dispensaries with, which is to say, they had been exceedingly anti “medical marijuana.” Due to the continued federal governments chosen path of ignorance and hostility over, science and compassion [source].

Well those days are done in the L.B.Z… at least for a little while. Its starting to look like Long Beach MMJ residents might be allowed to “Fire up” – as the city council is contemplating a measure (L.B. City Council will vote July 3rd) which would allow for medical marijuana collectives to operate in the city. At least until the CA. Supreme Court decides on the many contradictory issues with California’s medical marijuana statues.

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As it currently stands the CA. Supreme Court is trying to resolve the massive gap between the California medical marijuana law, making medical marijuana legal – as opposed to the federal marijuana law, which calls medical marijuana — recommended by a board certified doctor… illegal.



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