Can THCv Cure Type II Diabetes and Obesity


As most understand – medical marijuana is a complicated issue. That being said, there have been a total of eighteen states in the US including the district of Columbia which have pulled their heads out of the sand, to see the hemp field growing off in Americas future. As the extensive list of conditions that can be addressed by medical marijuana continues to grow, there is exciting new research that is just being completed out of Southern England.

The new and exciting research reports that marijuana may have the potential to help regulate the metabolic rate within the human body, as well as the diseases that may be caused by an ill functioning metabolic rate, such as diabetes type II. Funny – that as the United States becomes one of the most obese nations in the world,  marijuana might turn out to be the cure.

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The scientists in southern England, which have cultivated this new marijuana strain being significantly higher in THCv, have demonstrated that this new strain carries a significantly higher quantity of this astounding cannabinoid. As most marijuana smokers know and understand, cannabinoids are the active ingredients within the marijuana plant. And it is these cannabinoids, which interact with our bodies own cannabinoid receptors, that in turn have an incredibly positive impact on the gastrointestinal and cardiovascular system within the body.

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This most recent chronic discovery from GW pharmaceuticals, which as most marijuana patients already know – have previously concocted a cannabinoid based drug called “Sativex,” which is an oral spray meant to help manage cancer pain, as well as the treatment of M.S. symptoms and neuropathic pains.

As these new age scientists delve further into the cannabinoid / diabetes link, their research seems to have given hope to those who suffer from Type II diabetes. Their most recent studies point to the fact that the THCv cannabinoid in most pot tends to increase the amount of calories that the body will consume.

As the United States struggles with obesity, high blood pressure, strokes and heart disease – this most recent scientific study on animals goes a long way to demonstrate marijuana’s potential use for humans. Showing that marijuana high in THCv could very well be the long awaited treatment for adult type II diabetes.

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This information might seem counter-intuitive to most recreational marijuana smokers. As any good stoner flick might show, smoking weed daily, or the casual use and consumption of marijuana tends to leave the average person down the path of a fast food orgy. How does this new report, that smoking marijuana can decrease type II diabetes, work? It’s starting to look as though the cannabinoid, THCv actually has the ability to suppress that feeling of hunger if even for an abbreviated time.

As the THC v and cannabidiol work collectively together, they both have a positive effect on the overall fat percentage in the human body and just how that human body responds to insulin.

In their most recent studies, scientists at GW pharmaceuticals discovered that animals who ingested the large amounts of marijuana’s cannabinoid THCv had an increased sensitivity to insulin, and at the same time the cells which are noted for making insulin were being protected

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