July Power Rankings: Top 25 Sold Medical Marijuana Strains


With the current crop of incredible genetics available to medical marijuana patients, it’s hard for any one person, to say that one of these wonderful strains… is better than any other. That being said there are personal preferences, based on terpenes and cannabinoid compounds that tend to help patients in different ways. As such — some strains just tend to sell better — than others.

While Sour Diesel was number one for the month of June, it was unable to defend its title as queen of the summertime smoke. Yeah, July was hot and sticky… but Blue Dream was here to calm and sooth. She came back strong to re-claim her top honors as the most frequently bought and smoked mmj strain in the 18 MMJ states that are allowed to sell medical marijuana. To say that July was a strong month for Blue Dream would be a critical understatement.

Blue Dream cultivated more sweet sales than any other strain. With 32,269 grams sold for the month of July… the total purchased price of Blue Dream was $306,748, with an average sales price of $10 a gram.

Sour Diesel for the month of July sold a total of 24,913 grams while raking in $210,948 in total sales. With an average sales price of eight dollars a gram.

Pulling up the rear for the month of July, was our old buddy the “Golden Goat.” G.G. Managed to log respectable 16,082 grams sold for the entire 30 day period of July. At $113,069 the Golden goat ate up as much of the green market as she could.

As I stated earlier there are no losers, only preferred flavors and cannabinoid compounds. As the dog days of summer approach, and summer winds to its rapid end… It’s incredibly important to remain vigilant in protecting your rights as a medical marijuana patient. Keep your recommendation up to date and keep your meds locked away safe.

top 25 sold medical marijuana strains

 Source: Marijuana.com

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