Pain Eraser By Kinetic: A Lab Formulated Topical Spray


Are you tired of suffering with back pain, arthritis or wounds that just won’t heal? Do sore muscles and stiffness keep you from daily activities?

Are you seeking holistic relief for your ailments… well now you can spray the pain away!

Pain Eraser by Kinetic, a lab formulated topical spray, created by a certified herbalist. Pain Eraser is a cannabis infused topical spray that was specifically designed to alleviate body aches, muscle pain and skin ailments. Pain Eraser is created from a potent blend of cannabis flowers, comfrey leaves and tea tree oil.

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These time-tested power-plants have been used individually for centuries for their analgesic, antimicrobial and wound healing benefits, and have now been combined to create this wonderful topical spray that is easy and odorless to use, and is convenient to carry – no matter where you travel.

Incredibly effective – Simply spray Pain Eraser on the affected area to relieve muscle pain and stiffness. Great for treating skin infections including athlete’s foot, cuts and insect bites. Apply to muscle cramps, rheumatic joints and torn ligaments. Pain Eraser is an incredible all-natural pain relief remedy for those nagging aches and pains that never seem to go away. When first applied you will notice a cool, relieving feeling; as Pain Eraser starts its healing process, you’ll notice deep warmth, soothing your joints and muscles.

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Just a simple spray on your hands, elbows, shoulders, or neck and you will begin to enjoy a deep and satisfying sense of relief from the pain that has been plaguing you. Experience the combined healing power of cannabis, and nature’s other super-plants in this lab formulated topical spray.

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