My Top 5 Marijuana Strains High In CBD Cannabinoids


As the scientific data continues to pile up, indicating marijuana’s “unknown soldier,” the CBD cannabinoid is a game changer in the healthcare world. The long forgotten non-psychoactive cannabinoid is slowly beginning to get the acknowledgement and credit it deserves. Helping many chronically ill people around the world, finding relief from one of nature’s most powerful plants.

Weed with a higher proportion of CBD cannabinoids to THC, tends to have a greater medicinal effect, minus the sometimes unwanted [though not in my case] sensation of being “high.”

After overexertion – whether in the garden, in the surf, or on the trail… And facing a day of activities – so, not wanting to get “stoned.” I’ve found that medicating with a higher CBD percentage strain of cannabis, has been the most effective means for soothing my aches and pains. From lower back spasms, to sore and tender shoulders, hips and knees. Pot high in CBD’s keeps me feeling lose and free from pain. No pills, no addictive crap… just Yahweh’s medicine.

Below are my five favorite strains of marijuana high in CBD…

Green Queen: Avg. THC 15% – Avg CBD 2% – Avg CBN 0.1%:

[nggallery id=994]

Jack Herer: Avg. THC 19.7% – Avg CBD 1.5% – Avg CBN 0.7%

[nggallery id=995]

LSD: Avg. THC 17.2% – Avg CBD 1.2% – Avg CBN 0.1%

[nggallery id=997]

Jack Frost: THC 18.3% – Avg CBD 3.4% – Avg CBN 0.1%

[nggallery id=998]

Blueberry Kush: THC 15.9% – Avg CBD 3.0% – Avg CBN 0.2%

[nggallery id=999]

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  • good !

  • Thisis_Insane

    Um, the levels you have there, seem to be quite low in CBDs. The range I expect to find (though this is a high CBD sample) is 2.31% THC and 5.21% CBD. Your THC levels seem too high to be in this classification. IMHO. Reference; as a pdf file.

    • MaryJayne

      Yeah I noticed that too…the way it works is that strains high in THC are typically low in Cannabinoids…you have it all turned around as indicated by your choice of strains high in THC!
      THC -> cerebral effects/high
      Cannabinoids-> reduce inflammatory response as in joint/back pain, some bowel diseases and a whole lot of other illnesses arising from “inflammatory conditions”

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  • DrSteven

    CBD Crew seeds has seeds that are 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD almost creating a no high plant that has very good medicinal benefits!

    CBD is also legally available to every state and can be shipped internationally if derived from concentrated hemp oil.

    MJNA/Dixie, a medical marijuana portfolio company just announced today they are as of today shipping internationally their hemp products! And more products to come!

    Time to take marijuana away from the cartels and regulate this substance!
    Youth use goes down when prohibition is lifted and taxes can help this

    CBD, cannabidiol, is in both marijuana and hemp (also cannabis).

    How to invest in this economy or get the benefits of cannabis no matter where you live?

    Follow this:

    Hemp is legal to possess in ALL 50 states.

    Legal states for all cannabis (legal thc containing cannabis) are noticing that half of all sales are for edibles and extracts!

    The premier company in the legal state of Colorado is Dixie Botanicals and DIxie Elixers, two companies owned by MJNA.

    MJNA is the alpha source of CBD from legal hemp through their other company RSHO (Phytosphere)!

    MJNA, a stock traded on the stock market is about to rocket up!

    As well for those that want CBD they can order it from ANY state legally from MJNA (phytosphere) or from Dixie Botanicals!

    Invest in the “Green Rush”! MJNA is the ALPHA company to invest in!
    Investing in MJNA is investing in America!
    Help the sick and take cannabis away from the overseas cartels by investing in MJNA!

    • cb2

      I love short shot penny stocks. Much love

  • cb2

    meant to say: sure shot

  • Canatonic and Harlequin are high in cbd
    Harlequin has 7. Thc and 8 or9. Cbd
    Cannatonic has 5.3 thc and 11. Cbd
    Or cannatonic X has 1.2 thc and 23. Cbd
    and to finish I just want to say that cbd tinctures
    Alcohol extracts are the shit no more nasty pills for me

    • AMA

      Thank you, I have been search the web for hours to get this information. Now I need to find the seeds at a reliable company.

      • Sonder Twyful

        There are plenty of High-CBD seeds available at CBDCrew.Org. The names of the strains may not be familiar to you, but they list the THC:CBD ratios for each strain. I commend their attempt to broaden and diversify the number of High-CBD strains because demand still outweighs supply by a large margin.

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  • Sonder Twyful

    PLEASE! Either delete this article or change the list of strains. The strains listed are high in THC; not CBD. Seizures can be treated with strains like Cannatonic, AC/DC, or Oracle. This type of article does no one any good because it’s wrong.

  • Dave Davids

    this is a great cbd strain from royal queen seeds Medical Mass Seeds | Royal Queen
    10% THC / 11% CBD Close to 1:1 THC / CBD making Medical Mass an ideal medicinal marijuana. .