Super Silver Haze: Marijuana Strain Review & Pictures


Super Silver Haze is the mid-90s Chicago Bulls of Hazes: flawless, precise, and at times mind-blowing. Coincidentally, as the Bulls were in the midst of their own 3peat from 1995-1998, Super Silve Haze began its own, comparable streak, winning consecutive 1st places at the Cannabis Cup from 1997-1999. Needless to say, after this type of unparalleled Sativa performance, Super Silver Haze earned its position as one of the best Hazes and Sativas grown across the globe. It’s lived up to its name in the new Millenium and has become a staple strain in all Medical Marijuana states, along with its firm place in Amsterdam lore.

Basic Info: A cross of Skunk x Northern Lights #5  x Haze, Super Silver Haze is a potent Sativa, but more parts Indica than most. Like its first class Sativa brethren, Super Silver Haze is a choice daytime blaze, caked with enough trichomes to keep you at ease, but equipped with enough power to lift you off into the right stratosphere. Not for the novice smoker or the faint at heart, Super Silver Haze is a very potent Sativa with high THC counts (18-23%) and will cause an overwhelming high for the inexperienced or undeveloped toker.

Photos of Super Silver Haze:

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Affect: An almost immediate, uplifting vibe will seep through your Cannabinoid system and tickle your receptors after inhaling Super Silver Haze, which may result in: the urge to dance, fuck, or skip to your lew. Depending on your dosage, the Super Silver Haze buzz will keep you lifted for 90-120 minutes. One ripe bong hit of potent Super Silver Haze can keep you buzzed for an hour, and an entire joint can last for close to three hours. Whether you’re an athlete or an artist looking for a burst of court vision or creativity, Super Silver Haze is a great strain to smoke prior to any artistic or athletic endeavor. In fact, it’s rumored that throughout his time with the Miami Dolphins, Ricky Williams enjoyed a halftime joint of the Super Silver Haze prior to running all over the New York Jets.

Scent: Hazy with a chance of Lightning, Super Silver Haze combines the euphoric wafts present in Skunk, Northern Lights and Haze with the end result a magical amalgamation of different flavors. Depending on the batch you scoop up, you may smell heavier doses of the Skunk or Haze. All told, as long as you’re purchasing top shelf Super Silver Haze, you will be smelling rainbows–triple rainbows. And then you will soar to the sky.

Growth and Seed Info: As noted, Super Silver Haze is a complex combination of Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze–meaning its by no means your simple, run of the mill Haze. Thus comes its one downside: a lengthy flowering time of 10 to 11 weeks .On the plus side, it’s a very high yielder, in the 900 gram per meter range. When you order seeds of the Super Silver Haze, its wise to cross reference it with some photos, to make sure you’re getting the real deal. As an offspring of Haze, the roots for Super Silver Haze come directly from the Haze Brothers of the 70s and was enhanced by the infamous Sam “Skunkman.”

Tidbits: Along with Amnesia Haze, Super Silver Haze is a true Amsterdam special, stocked by Amsterdam’s elite cannabis cafes such as The Grey Area, Amnesia, and The Bulldog. According to legend, Snoop Dogg smokes a stick of the Super Silver Haze at The Grey Area as soon as he lands in the ‘Dam.

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