Amsterdam Cannabis Cup 2013 Winners


The vote is over, the judges have spoken…and the 2013 Amsterdam High Times Cannabis Cup is little more than a fuzzy memory now. As the dank aroma that filled the event slowly dissipates, nothing is left standing but the breeder’s reputation… and the best marijuana genetics from around the world.

As always, the High Times crew did an outstanding job of providing a chronic venue, dependable transportation, and most importantly of all… Free Weed and entertainment for the breeders and visitors that participated in this year’s cup.

With that said – and no further ado… here are the winners for the 2013 High Times Amsterdam Cannabis Cup. Enjoy!

Best Marijuana Strain – Indica:
1st – Whitewalker OG – Gold Coast Extracts
2nd – The True OG – Elemental Seeds
3rd – KnightsBridge O.G – Lady Sativa Genetics

Best Marijuana Strain – Sativa:
1st – Tangie – Reserva Privada
2nd – Sour Power – Hortilab
3rd – Headbanger – Karma Genetics

Best Marijuana Strain – Hybrid:
1st – Somari – Soma’s Sacred Seeds
2nd – Girl Scout Cookies – Tahoe Wellness Cooperative
3rd – Dieseltonic – Resin Seeds

Best Hash:
Lemon Cleaner OG Nectar – TCLabs / TerpX / EmoTek
Whitewalker OG – Gold Coast Extracts
Chemblend Solventless Wax – Elemental Seeds / Essential Extracts / Johnny Trill

Best CBD Flowers:
Cannatonic – Elemental Seeds

Best CBD Concentrate:
CBD Simple – Hemp Company / Seed Company

Sweetest Booth:
1st – Big Buddha Seeds
2nd – Devil’s Harvest
3rd – Sensi Seeds

Dankest Product:
1st – Big Buddha – Buddha Giftbag
2nd – Cloud V – Cloud V
3rd – Sublimator – Sublimator

Dopest Coffeeshop Flowers:
1st – Green Place – Rollex OG Kush
2nd – Green House – Flowerbomb Kush
3rd – The Bushdoctor Coffeeshop – Tangie

Neder Hash:
1st – Green House – Lemon Crystal
2nd – Green Place | Shoreline Solventless
3rd – The Bushdoctor Coffeeshop | Tangie Wax

Import Hash:
1st – Green Place – Twizzla
2nd – Green House – Chemdog Cream
3rd – The Bushdoctor Coffeeshop – Maroc Lemon Haze

Best Glass:
1st – Honey Collabs Collection – Master Yoda / Big Buddha Seeds
2nd – Silka Glass – Loud / Silka
3rd – Roor – Ray Pack


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