Michigan State Senate Passes SB 660: Medical Marijuana at Your Nearest Pharmacy?



Not quite so fast –

One might think that Senate bill 660, just passed by the Michigan state Senate would be bring a whole new type of clientele to the state’s pharmacies – if not for that pesky little problem of it still being a Schedule 1 Narcotic on the federal government’s Controlled Substance list. But it is – so your nearest Walmart pharmacy has been spared anymore unwanted negative press, based on their lack of understanding of this plant.


According to the marijuana grapevine this morning, Michigan’s dope new legislation was cultivated with the help of a Bud from Kalamazoo, former House Speaker Chuck Perricone, who as luck would have it, is now well paid lobbyist for Prairie plant systems – an officially sanctioned marijuana cultivation firm located in Canada.


What Is Prairie Plant Systems Inc. (PPS)?

What Is Prairie Plant Systems Inc. (PPS)?

Last week former speaker Perricone gave a committee in the Republican-led Senate his assurance that his company could produce a higher quality and more consistently potent cannabis plant, claiming this was something unattainable in the current system.

In order to keep opposition to a minimum, he was clear to point out that the new pharmacy distributed cannabis would not replace the state’s current system, but rather complement it.

“This product was marketed to the public as medical,” noted Perricone. “Our fundamental premise is that we, in fact, make it medical — Pharmaceutical grade, pure, predictable, measurable, tested every step of the way. It will be, we believe, a small segment of the market, but it will be a choice. It will be an option.”

Confused and miffed over the potential loss of revenue and utter disarray of Michigan’s current marijuana law, Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitner, spoke out against Perricone’s backed legislation. Failing in her attempt to bind it to already existing marijuana collective or decriminalization bills. The Senate Minority Leader went on to ponder the logic of handing over a potential green rush cash cow to a Canadian company, while standing on the sidelines of progress.


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