Cataract Kush Marijuana Strain Review and Photos


Cataract Kush is a full blown Indica with a resinous lineage, a plant with a wild set of roots, linking East Coast and West Coast Indica fans together in one dank strain. This strain is the direct descendent of the legendary LA Kush, crossed with a DNA genetics, LA confidential strain. Bringing together a Southern California Indica with a dank, pure Afghani strain. Creating a pungent, eye squinting, high-caliber smoke.

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Basic Info: as a plant, cannabis Indicia’s are insanely adaptable, and have long demonstrated the Darwinian ability to adapt and flourish in different grow mediums, environments, and with varied growing techniques. The Cataract Kush strain flourishes in most garden setups. Initially a slow starter – crawling through the vegetation stage, Cataract Kush (CK) seems like a veritable slug for those cultivators accustomed to a faster-growing Sativa. When topping, pinching or super cropping is utilized as a means of encouraging extra vegetative growth, plants can easily double in height – particularly after switching from vegetation to flower. The CK leaves are a cartoonish caricatures of the Indica plants most notable phenotype: thick, fat leaflets that run the color spectrum from dark green – to a deep princely purple. As the sticky and resinous trichomes form on the buds of this plant, cultivators will be sure to notice their unique and otherworldly sheen. The CK strain bypasses normal green altogether, as if painted from a different pallet. Even after the buds have hit full maturation – dried and lonely in their jar – they still emit a resinous sheen of joy.

Growth and Seed Info: this plant is not particularly well-suited to hotter climates or conditions, which lead to very tight inner nodal spacing and disadvantage the yield. Instead this dank Indica strain favors temperate weather, preferring cooler climates to hotter – provided it doesn’t freeze or Frost. Great for the first time growers, Cataract Kush is seemingly resistant to powdery mildew, and is capable of handling even the most egregious nutritional oversights. The nose knows – this stuff has a strong, dank, unmistakable smell while growing. Unfortunately for those clandestine growers throughout suburbia, the odor only intensifies as the plant inches towards full maturation. After curing your dank nugs the scent begins to mature – along with the buds heady aroma.

Effect: Cataract Kush is a connoisseur grade Indica that even novices can grow with great results. Despite the fact they can grow this plant easily, they may want to read the warning label first. The Cataract Kush strain was so named because it brings on the squinty eyed, Mr. Magoo high that permeates deep into the body. This strain provides a heavy high that creeps up about 10 minutes after smoking…and keeps building in intensity long after your hit has been exhaled. Combine that with this strains creeper effect, and it’s easy to see that the uninitiated smoker can suffers some serious couch lock. CK is perfect for patients seeking relief from stress, insomnia, pain, depression and nausea. Cataract Kush has been successfully used to help people suffering from anxiety, ADD/ADHD, bipolar disorder migraines and PMS.

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