Colorado Legalizes Weed and Not a Soul Was Harmed or Injured!


The mainstream media invaded Denver, Colorado yesterday (and all week) to document the day Colorado became America’s first legal weed state. They were probably hoping for an LA-riot like scene or maybe even a couple Black Friday-esque scuffles in the shops–whatever would boost their page views and ratings.

Instead, they were met with peace. And people standing around waiting in lines. Lots of them, some that were over 4 hours long. People weren’t thrilled about it, but they weren’t angry or acting like addicts waiting for a fix: they were chill. Likewise, a quick scan of Google News reveals the exact same, calm, actually boring story that goes something like this: “Colorado legalized weed and there are lots of people waiting to buy it!”

Based on early reports (please comment if you see otherwise), not a single media outlet has reported a majorly negative angle from “Green Wednesday” and that’s because we have not yet allowed them to. And we must keep it that way.

Because so far, so good. Yes, it’s crazy out here and there’s tons of people trying to buy legal weed–but there is no aggression, man.

People haven’t been fighting over that last gram of coveted Tahoe OG Kush or Tangerine Haze. No one took their clothes off and threw it at bud-tenders when, at the end of the day, some recreational shoppers were told to come back tomorrow. If you do a quick scan of car accidents in Denver, Colorado yesterday, you won’t see a single mention of cannabis.

Everyone has been, for lack of a better term, just chilling.

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The Weedmaps office is located in the same Denver building as one of yesterday’s open recreational shops, The Clinic of Colorado. The store opened at 11 AM yesterday with lines out the door and down the hallways, saw about 150 customers, and as of 7 AM this morning, still had a line out the door. BotanaCare, a dispensary in Northglenn and the closest rec shop to Boulder, opened at 8 AM yesterday and saw about 500 customers.

Since 18 shops were open for business yesterday, it’s also safe to assume over 100 pounds of legal cannabis were sold yesterday.

The conclusion: people are really, really into this legal weed thing. Some came from as far as New York, others as close as Chicago or Milwaukee. Some others even came from Colorado–because they wanted to be a part of history and they “don’t want to be on the state register.” And one customer even came from Africa.

The people who walked out of these shops with legal weed were simply ecstatic, and in a state of euphoria. The best moment of the day came when a 22 year old male walked out of The Clinic with an empty box of pizza and weed yelling “I LOVE COLORADO.”

This is the future. There’s a lot to love about it and it’s a lot to take in–almost overwhelmingly so. In Colorado, this is what the immediate future holds for a couple weeks: lines out the doors, clubs running out of weed, and people rushing to say they bought legal weed. Long-term, the lines will subside and the rush will calm, but the storm will never completely stop: it’s now a Colorado tourist attraction.

And in America, it’s hopefully a glimpse at what our entire country will look like in the next 10-20 years. If we continue to get it right in Colorado, other states will follow suit, and people won’t have to drive 1500 miles to buy legal weed–cause you’ll be able to get it anywhere.

Speaking to visitors from a half dozen states, they all state the same refrain: “We just want to say we bought legal weed in the United States of America!” Likewise, the insane rush in Colorado–while definitely due to this historical moment–coincides with it being peak holiday and travel season. People definitely came here for the weed, but that’s definitely not ALL they’re here for.

Some of the shoppers we met at The Clinic were even Red Card holding medical patients that

The coolest thing about all this? Smokers without serious medical ailments don’t have to pretend that we’re ALWAYS using this fabulous plant as medicine. It’s now okay to admit it: “I’M JUST TRYING TO GET REALLY, REALLY HIGH” in Colorado. Because it’s legal and it just feels so, so right.

Let’s keep it this way.


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