New York to Become America’s 22nd Medical Marijuana State!


And the Colorado Domino Effect Begins!

In an unexpected development last night, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo released a shocking statement: during next week’s state of the union speech, he will legalize medical marijuana in New York by way of an executive order.

The order will call for 20 hospitals to supply medical marijuana to seriously ill patients throughout New York. While access will remain restricted to those with diseases like “cancer, glaucoma or other diseases that meet standards to be set by the New York State Department of Health,” it’s a massive step in the right direction for New York–and likely a direct consequence of Colorado’s successful, pain-free launch of legal weed.

The Mile High state is on track to raise at least $67 Million in taxes (most of which will benefit its school system), and clearly, the rest of the country is taking notes. The New York development is a mild shocker because Cuomo has, even recently, been hesitant to support medical marijuana in the past and even critical of its use.

New York has seen medical marijuana bills pass the Assembly and die at the Senate four times in the past. But this time, Cuomo is bypassing a vote and taking matters into his own hands. The immediate result: limited, safe access for New York’s most dire patients.

The future result: less restrictive access and then, eventually: legal weed in the Empire State.

There’s a clear, palpable change in America’s air, and that change stems from Colorado’s success story being broadcast on a National stage for an entire week.

Things will never be the same.

[New York Times]

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  • Jasonian

    The ends do not justify the means. To bypass the legislative branch is dictatorial.

    • This is America. What he’s doing is an executive order and it is perfectly constitutional. You commie.

      • Shut up you bafoon, you sound like a old 60’s politic… I’m all for marijuana legalization but that is definitely bypassing of the legislative branch in meaning its definitely dictatorial and seems really sketchy if you ask me… Just saying

        • Robert Dutrow

          It’s a good thing he’s bypassing all of the non-sense that would be a vote on this issue. The moral thing to do is allow safe access to life saving medicine to ill people. What exactly is wrong with this?

          • Xmystic

            Yes it would be a great thing, but the way he is doing it is very wrong. Look at it the other way around. What if the legislative branch had already passed the use of weed and Cuomo came along and decided to use executive orders to make weed totally illegal again? Even Obama doesn’t have the nads to pull this kind of bypass.

    • Google how many executive orders George W. Bush passed.

      • A_Rucks

        Google how many executive orders Obama made.

        • Dan

          So far, Obama has mad 150 less then Bush had issued. Fox says it is over 900 for Obama, but Fox is wrong and pathetically retarded.

    • Dan Malney

      Denying medicine because of politics is more dickplorable.

  • 67 million tax dollars from medical marijuana to support education…. That sounds pretty good to me

  • B

    Listen here you fools. The gov could have done it the “correct, constitutional” way by allowing it to go through the vote of legislation and itll be another few years atleast before any real votes are taken about this…

    Or he can man up, do what NEEDS to be done for the sick people. I stand by this man for doing what needed to be done regardless of others opinions. I vote we all take lesson here and start doing what he does, because Oil prices, National debts, the credit problem, and all the other many many issues in the world will not be fixed by voting in a civilized manner. Get off your asses, stop talking about what can be done, and go do something!

    • Kc

      Exactly- ‘Listen here you fools’ just made my day Lol

    • Victoria Khan

      I too am with you on this one, why wait? It is just a ridiculous arguement… and let’s pray OHIO follows… 🙂

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  • This actually isn’t bypassing the legislature. This is merely enacting a meausure which was passed by the legislature in 1980.

    • Barry Poppins

      ya its in the NY Times full story…didnt want to confuse the masses 😛

  • He’s not “bypassing” the senate the way you people think, hes actually just using a MMJ bill from the 80’s that passed but was never signed by an executive into action. All hes doing is taking that old bill and putting it into effect. Anyone claiming it’s unconstitutional or dictatorial should read deeper than this poorly written article.

    • Xmystic

      Then why not simply make a new bill that references the old bill and ram it through? At least we would see the voting records of the current legislative branch. Is there a fear that it would get voted down now as opposed to 1980?

  • Ezry

    Sorry Cuomo, This is too little too late.
    This will only help less then 1% of NY’s sick.
    Your plan will COST $$$, it does not make $$$$$..
    Ask the voters, WE want to follow CO lead.
    Want my vote, and many others?
    You have dragged your feet long enough.
    I am retired and i will devote all my time to this.
    Do it fast, before November, i will cross party lines to help vote you OUT.

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