The Average Price of an 1/8 of Legal Weed in Colorado is About 65 Dollars


Early reports are in from patients and dispensaries, and the tentative average cost of weed–after tax–is approximately 65 dollars an 1/8. This is just an estimate, but after scanning the state’s recreational cannabis menus, talking to patients, talking to dispensary owners, walking into shops, and buying an 1/8 of Grape Skunk for that price, that is the consensus number we’ve all arrived at.

Is it expensive, especially for Colorado? Definitely. But there’s a 25% tax that the businesses must pay, and thus, the cost of legal, recreational weed out here isn’t so much different then the cost of illegal weed in New York City or Texas. But, you know, it’s legal!

As we’ve mentioned before, the demand for this weed is already outweighing the supply so it’s really just a simple case of economics. While it may be a bit pricey for some, the price sets itself, and again, the state will see (at least) over 150 million dollars in 2014 from these legal purchases.

While we’ve heard some customers complain about the price point, everyone must realize: you can’t buy legal weed anywhere else in the United States (until June in Washington). And this is how you make history: by giving back to the government that let us make it.

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