2014 San Bernardino High Times Medical Cannabis Cup Winners


This weekend was another dope success for the good people over at High Times, as their 2014 Cannabis Cup season kicked off in San Bernardino, CA, without a hitch. The 420 crowd was thick and irie, as the buds were flowing for both days of the event held at the NOS Center in San Bernardino, CA, firing up 2014 in true stoner style.

The crowd was stoked…the sun was out and the blunts were blazing in the medicating area – and on Sat. night B.o.B. and Young Dro lit up the crowd at the Jack Herer legalization party.

After all was said and done, these strains stood tall and proud as the top contenders in their respective categories.

1st Place — XXX OG from Life is Good Healing
2nd Place — Veganic L.A. Confidential from Private Stock for Buds and Roses
3rd Place — Blackwater from Terrapin Terpene Collective

1st Place — Red Dragon from RCP Sacramento
2nd Place — Silver Haze from Gold Coast Collection
3rd Place — Crystal Coma from Alpha Medic

1st Place — Gorilla Glue #4 from Standard Seed Collective
2nd Place — Alpha OG from Alpha Medic
3rd Place — Redding OG from RCP Sacramento

1st Place — Kosher OG from TerpX for Grateful Meds
2nd Place — San Lorenzo Valley OG from TerpX for Venice Medical Center
3rd Place — Honey OG from The Honey Spot

Flower — Johnny’s Tonic from Elemental Seeds
Concentrate — CBD Simple from CannaVest
Edible — CBD Lollipops from Bay Meds Delivery & MTG Seeds

1st Place — BAMF Private Reserve OG Solventless from BAMF Extractions for VFL Collective
2nd Place — Goji OG Solventless Wax from Warrior Extractions for Oh-Tay Fam
3rd Place — Holy Water from Collective Conscious Apothecary

1st Place — Liquid Gold Delights Mint Meltaways from G Pharma Labs
2nd Place — Terra Bites from Kiva Confections
3rd Place — Strawberry Banana Cream from Kushie Kandy

1st Place – Hitman Glass by Rob Morrison
2nd Place – Sheldon Black
3rd Place – Silika

1st Place – Cloud V
2nd Place – Oil Slick
3rd Place – G Pen


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