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  1. Grey-AreaWeed
    Grey-AreaWeed | Buy Weed Online | Buy Real Marijuana | Weed for Sale. Text at 571 384 5933 Order at grey-area-online dispensary.
  2. denys shaun
    denys shaun
    Love my life and want enjoy it untile die
  3. who-dat
    "All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I'm fine."
  4. treyy_savage
    Marijuana water in a bong can stop your heart. The T.H.C in it is mixed with methamphetamine which is a drug that slows down you heart rate.
  5. NightLock
    Getting high and answering questions
  6. holdup
    holdup Buzzby
    Hi mr. Buzzy I'm new here I like your info..very grateful to have someone to explain our concerns.
    1. holdup
      Mr. Buzzby spelled name wrong
      Nov 4, 2016
    2. holdup
      I took a home test today could u explain to me about this test
      Nov 4, 2016
    3. holdup
      Spent to much it over with now been 2months since aug.30 2016 till now I feel great .. still drinking water .. got a physical Tuesday will I be ready ..
      Nov 4, 2016
  7. Javid rauf
    Javid rauf
    Here on holiday would like to smoke good weed
  8. Javid rauf
    Javid rauf
    Hi we're can i get weed in Manhattan
  9. Abeeeee
    Need help identifying a test to see if its positive or neg....Line is VERY faint
  10. ❥Alyssa
    ❥Alyssa weedlovepot
    Hey, sorry I forgot to check this site.. I'm back though! I saw you posted on my page. :)
  11. SpeedyNeedy
    SpeedyNeedy Vicki
    I was hoping you could tell me the best way to pass a UA for my Dr appointment. I already have someone there for me first thing in the morning. What is the best thing to put it in and how do I keep it warm until I have to do my UA? I am a female and my friend takes the same meds as I do. PLEASE HELP.
  12. SpeedyNeedy
    What is the best way to pas a UA for a Dr? I am a female and I already have someone to pee for me. PLEASE HELP.
  13. Markboughcher
    Always like to take new challenges.
  14. holdup
    holdup Buzzby
    You see all the money being spent on bud..
  15. holdup
  16. holdup
    Need some advice.. ASAP
  17. holdup
  18. Sasha12
    Sasha12 Buzzby
    Hi, I have the best strains of cannabis seeds. Where can I sell them?
  19. franny
    Hi I suffer from Fibromyalgia and looking for something to relive the pain only and not affect the head preferably in pill form Any suggets
  20. allenlovesgreen
    Times have changed. I miss you all.