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  1. Ganja Baba
    Ganja Baba
    Spread the good word. I spread the good strains. I got feminised seeds, handbooks and all things ganja. Just ask me and you shall recieve...
  2. stonerman001
    stonerman001 Buzzby
    Hello, I got some pot I ordered online and they guys actually delivered . From looking I think its really good stuff and I am new in the area . I don;t know what holds it if I smoke it at home . I m thinking about my neighborhood .
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  3. vanessachuck
    vanessachuck geordiegirls01
    We offer medicines like, pain pills, pain relief, diet pills, weight loss, sleeping pills, anti-anxiety, anti-depression,our products are of high standard qualities Wickr:vanessachuck
  4. geordiegirls01
    Web Developer at Geordie Girls Newcastle
  5. Daniel
    Daniel goodgirl
    I wonder how you are. Loves to you.
  6. Noob_c
    Noob_c Jerry G
    I sent you a dm Im in dire need of advice thanks in advance
  7. Badlyn61
    Badlyn61 IamN2pot
    CAN synthetic piss B used after 15 secs in microwave PLUS temperature strip on the plastic bottle??
  8. Badlyn61
    Badlyn61 IamN2pot
    1ST time bought from friend unused syn.piss. will temperature strip still B GOOD AND will the piss mainly because he put in microwave for 14 secs
  9. Worriedwife1990
    Me and my husband have probably developed ulcers over the stress of waiting for results of hair test!
  10. BlvckRose
    Hello, my avatar won't allow me to upload a photo, how can I get some help?
  11. Monicaaa7677
    Prior of 2-3 weeks
  12. Monicaaa7677
    Hi I'm new here, just wanna know I smoked on Easter. Literally 4-5 hits and now I found out I drug test tomorrow. Female, 132lbs. Wascleanb4
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  13. BlvckRose
    BlvckRose AngiezPlanet
    Hi Angie, I'm new here and I'm attempting to change my photo but I get a 404 on app and on computer :/
  14. Zack Writer
    Zack Writer
    Chillin on the balcony, smokin one down!
  15. Virginia M Mccullah
    Virginia M Mccullah cannabisbuds26
    Hi cannabisbuds26s I am new also.welcome from Grandbud66
  16. MatureInGA
    MatureInGA Jonathan Graham
    Hi I see that you're new here and wanted to say hello
  17. kid4twenty
    yay approved!
  18. Dabmaster3000
    Whats the best detox drink for thc that i can buy at GNC? Please no debates on if they work. Just want the best.
  19. Rider
    Old Hippy
  20. teethmac30
    Make cannabis legal in the uk and make money for the nhs