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  1. ßü††|맧
    It's going to be 100 degrees today and I have a 12-hour split shift. Oh goody for me.
  2. georgechemlab
    georgechemlab Jake
    what kind of help do you want?. let me know.
  3. canabert
    I love marijuana. Hope it can be legalized all over the world one day!
  4. Chonta
    I have a drug test in 19 hrs what can I do to pass for THC I haven't smoked in 6 days but failed a home test yesterday but a frequent user
  5. Jessica*Vape*Princess
  6. breex3
    I have a drug test tomorrow I was an idiot and ate an edible friday will my q carbo 32 mask it???? Helppppp
  7. Stephen Charbonneau
    Stephen Charbonneau
    I love growing healthy Marijuana, that has all good benefits . I made me love Marijuana? will be sharing in the coming days...
  8. ggmlanko
    Hey there to anyone travelling to australia wanting to get some weed or if you're in perth western australia wickr me ggmlanko
  9. felo
    Hello everyone, I am new to the site. Hope to be able to contribute and get more knowledge from forums.
  10. Dat_dab_gurl_91
    Gah.. am I the only one who thinks dab tastes terrible.. like pine .. I can't get over it!
  11. Dudeeee
  12. Dat_dab_gurl_91
    It's monday.. and that calls for getting lit!
  13. Dat_dab_gurl_91
    Sunday funday right...? :) I wanna be lit !
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  14. Dat_dab_gurl_91
    When you wish you were in a state that was free and clear and you're stuck in a shit hole!
    1. Smj connect
      Smj connect
      Find someone to mail to u
      Jun 4, 2017
    2. Dat_dab_gurl_91
      Lol i have to know and trust that person, and being an Illinois girl always.. I don't know out of state people enough to trust them with something so important to me!
      Jun 4, 2017
  15. stonerman001
    stonerman001 Buzzby
    Hello, I got some pot I ordered online and they guys actually delivered . From looking I think its really good stuff and I am new in the area . I don;t know what holds it if I smoke it at home . I m thinking about my neighborhood .
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  16. geordiegirls01
    Web Developer at Geordie Girls Newcastle
  17. Daniel
    Daniel goodgirl
    I wonder how you are. Loves to you.
  18. Noob_c
    Noob_c Jerry G
    I sent you a dm Im in dire need of advice thanks in advance
  19. Badlyn61
    Badlyn61 IamN2pot
    CAN synthetic piss B used after 15 secs in microwave PLUS temperature strip on the plastic bottle??
  20. Badlyn61
    Badlyn61 IamN2pot
    1ST time bought from friend unused syn.piss. will temperature strip still B GOOD AND will the piss mainly because he put in microwave for 14 secs