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mellow :) Apr 6, 2012

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Mar 29, 2014
    1. Adam S
      Adam S
      Hi Dave,

      I took my drug test last Tuesday and now its Wednesday of the next week. I used synthetic so I'm not worried whether there was anything in my system, just whether it passed or failed. I already know I got the temperature right. Do you think if I failed I would've found out by now?
    2. nosugartonite
      Hey DTDave, trying to get a straight answer on dehydrated urine (test clear) do you believe in it, as in its validity? I tried subbing with it and it came back as a fatal flaw..I read up on what that means but it's awful coincidental. Talk to me. I'm at nosugartonite. Thx man
    3. bingbong90
      Hey man - been clean for sixty days, previously heavy user. Went to US Healthworks to take urine test, which gets sent to SurScan, then an MRO. I believe SurScan does the actual lab work. Do you happen to know anything about what cutoff levels they use? I've passed many different types/brands of home screens...some lines darker than others for reasons unknown. Thanks!
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      2. DrugTestDave
        responded to your post again. just wanted to check in and see how you were doing on this. 60 days should have been plenty. all the best!
        May 20, 2013
    4. legalizeitnow1
      i posted something in the results/urine test forum. Its a picture of my screen. Can you help me understand why it went to the second test? i would appriciate your input. Thank you
    5. tcb1423
      hey dave i gotta pre employment pshyicAl/drug test n i have been taking those 5 panel drug test from a detox were my buddy works n was wondering if i passed em with a faint line would i b good for test cuz i read a post saying darkness dont matter.. i am 5'9 190 lbs n would smoke a bowl once a month n like 4 on weekends for bout 2-3 months...
    6. asiankid
    7. gmarie
    8. thrilln101
      Dave is like a walking drug encyclopedia :)
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      2. DrugTestDave
        LOL. I do what I can, man!
        Aug 23, 2012
    9. Janegame
    10. AnotherHighGuy
      A request. Would you delete my account, because I am repeating myself, and frankly if I keep on hanging out here, I will only be repeating myself.

    11. jhill307
      Hey dave i see u have a lot of knowledge on here an u look at my thread and give my ur opinion on my drug test line. thanks!
    12. HeyHeadphoneGuy
      Hello Dave, Did you get my PM?

    13. mike j
      mike j
      Hi Dave, just to clear my mind up, if I can pass a 50ng strip test, I can pass a 15ng GS/MC? Thank you very much for your time
    14. MrsNiceGirl
      I really need some help, i posted a thread on the Urine drug test board. I need advice asap. Please, please help me.
    15. Jubei_1981
      Can you have a look at an image of a first check and let me know what you think? I'm on an iPhone divi can't forum post it
      1. DrugTestDave
        Sure, where's the photo?
        Apr 10, 2012
    16. docgreenthumb-
      Would you mind taking a look at my post please? Any advice- opinion good or bad would be helpful!
    17. DrugTestDave
    18. cnote5676
      Could you PLEASE help me and look at what I just posted? You really seem intelligent and I would like to get your perspective. Thanks!!
      1. DrugTestDave
        No problem! Let me have a loosky :)
        Apr 6, 2012
    19. Peanut414
      You seem to know what you are talking about. Could you take a look at the post I made and let me know what you think? Thanks for any advice.
    20. DivaNaf
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