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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by lookingood69, May 26, 2007.

  1. lookingood69

    lookingood69 New Member

    HI guys. I'm 35, 165, 5' 10"...good shape and pretty active. Tonight I was at a friends house, had 1 hit at the end of a bowl. Not a particularly deep drag, butt enough for me to feel something. 1st weed I have had in probably a year.

    I take milk thistle daily anyway, eat pretty well, and take a daily probiotic supplement (green vibrance they call it).

    So I get home tonight, open the package in the mail from my prospective future employer, and find out I am getting a urine and blood test in 3.5 days from now! I think my dosage and infrequency of use are in my favor, but I am really freaked about the short window! PLan on getting a home test in a couple days to see where I am..... based on what I have said, do you think I will have a decent chance of being clean? I've read 1-10 days for infrequent users.

    I am VERY freaked as this is a total dream job and the timing couldnt be worse! Thanks for your advice.
  2. nerphroll

    nerphroll Sr. Member

    The odds are very very much in your favor even if you do absolutely nothing other than simply abstain.
  3. lookingood69

    lookingood69 New Member

    awesome. Thanks. I REALLY want this job so I am drinking lots of water and gatorade today, have had nothing but fruit and a protein shake today (about to have a bowl of raisin bran as I heard fiber is good to cleanse too). Gonna have a big ass steak tonight to begin to up my creatine levels (I think I would be foolish to not dilute in some manner).

    Taking the milk thistle/burdock 3-4x a day with water, fish oil, a multi, vitamin c, and probiotic in the am and then tonight before I go to bed. Also blew it out at the gym today and spent about 20 minutes in the steam room/sauna.

    Think this is a good plan? I'm not taking ANY chances as I want to go in confident that I will be clean (doubt I will be able to sub as I have to strip completely before the test).

    Thanks guys! This site is great!
  4. Jerry G

    Jerry G Sr. Member

    None of that stuff you are doing will help except for the steak.

    Take a home test, in the unlikely event that you fail it, check out the dilution sticky at the top of this forum.

    You will be fine even if you have to mildly dilute. Practice makes perfect...
  5. bogo

    bogo New Member

    yep wonderful little things the home test kit it answers all your questions in 5 min ....
  6. lookingood69

    lookingood69 New Member

    thanks guys, you have set my mind at ease (at least as much as it can be right now)....I got a test kit this afternoon but am gonna crack it open tomorrow morning sometime....give my body a chance to cleanse a bit and let the steak do its magic...

    I printed out the dilution sticky, gonna take it with me as the test is out of state. And that steak was damn good! Think I might have another tomorrow! :)

    I will keep you all posted with the results.
  7. lookingood69

    lookingood69 New Member

    Just an update on my situation - I got the test kit yesterday (I bought a First Check at rite aid - $14) and tested this am. I did not use my first pee (I used my 3rd) of the morning since I will be drinking and peeing several times before the test on Tues.

    I got a STRONG negative for THC. I will test again tomorrow morning just to be sure, but it looks good. I wanted to post my results here as when I was in a panic 2 days ago, reading other people's results was a great encouragement to me.

    Thanks for your advice and help guys! ;)
  8. 1tokeovertheline

    1tokeovertheline New Member

    If you get a line with your first piss, you are golden.
  9. nerphroll

    nerphroll Sr. Member

    Just like your urine. :rofl2:
  10. nerphroll

    nerphroll Sr. Member

    Are you interviewing to be a male underwear model?
  11. lookingood69

    lookingood69 New Member

    underwear model? that's funny! In the paperwork I got it has a checklist for the tester...and they have to verify that I am in a hospital gown with no underwear on. Talk about an invasion of privacy!
  12. lookingood69

    lookingood69 New Member

    OK guys, 1st whizz of the morning, stopped mid stream, tested, and still got a strong negative (I mean, no faint line at all), so guess I am golden like my pee and my teeth! (Just kidding about the teeth..)

    Test is tomorrow at 10am too, so no chance in hell of 1st pee there....so looks like I can go in, strip down, and pee in peace!:eek:
  13. lookingood69

    lookingood69 New Member

    by no faint line at all, I mean the control line and negative line were strongly visible....just for clarification to those reading the thread :)
  14. ~Flor~

    ~Flor~ New Member

    That's very, very good.
  15. wisdom-gainer

    wisdom-gainer New Member

    Lucky you.

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