1 Pg/mg Are You Freaking Kidding Me?!?!?!?!

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    How Does The 1 Pg/mg Compare To 50 Ng??? This Is What My Lab's Cut Off Level Is!!!!!

    I Took A Hair Test Yesterday. It Was A Total Surprise. I Had No Time To Prepare!

    I Am A 29 Year Old Female With Brown Hair That Is Fine. I Weigh 115 Lbs. I Have A High Metabolism. I'm Somewhat Acitve.

    Smoking History:
    Beofre Dec 25 I Had Not Smoked For 18 Months
    I Smoked Literally 1 Hit 4 Times Over 4 Weeks
    I Smoked 3 Hits 1 Time In Late January
    I Have Been Clean For Over 50 Days Since The Last Session In January.

    I'm Freaking Out Cause I Hear You Guys Talking About A 50 Ng Cut Off Level. 1 Pg...holy Bejeezus!!!

    I'm Dyin Yo! Someone Please Help Ease My Mind. What Are My Chances Of Passing? This Is For A Custody Case So Needless To Say I'm Up A Shit Creek If I Fail. Totally My Fault! I Don't Expect A You To Have A Crystal Ball, But Any Advice Will Be Helpful.


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