1000 Things to do while stoned.

Discussion in 'Humor and Jokes' started by Goblin Thug, Sep 8, 2004.

  1. Goblin Thug

    Goblin Thug New Member

    :mj: Ill make the first one (It cant be more than 10 things per post) i hope we will make it to the 1000th thing to do while stoned :mj:

    1. Watch Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
    2. Jump off things
    3. Go under water and open your eyes - Its 10x cooler when stoned
    4. Shoot a gun
    5. Watch History Channel about drugs
    6. Walk in the woods during fall or even better, during winter with snow
    7. Watch "The Matrix" its mind boggling when stoned
    8. Talk to your siblings
    9. Draw pictures
    10. Play video games
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  2. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    good start, but if I were you, I'd change number 4. I am a gun owner, and a pothead, but mixing the two isn't a smart idea. Guns should never be handled by people under the influence of ANYTHING. Owning a firearm is a serious responsibility, and by saying to shoot guns while stoned, you're making a good case for both gun control, and for keeping pot illegal. Sorry about my rant, but think about these things before posting.
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  3. Virus356

    Virus356 New Member

    4. shoot a PAINTBALL gun
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  4. Yelir

    Yelir New Member

    11. Go camping
    12. Jump on a trampoline
    13. Go for a walk
    I will post 7 more at a later time. :thumbsup:
  5. DonkeyPunch

    DonkeyPunch Seasoned Activist


    14. Post on your favorite message board.
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  6. imported_chan

    imported_chan Sr. Member

    15. smoke more weed
    16. mess around with a girl
    17. eat snack packs
    18. go snorkling (it is amasing!)
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  7. blizzah

    blizzah New Member

    19. watch alice in wonderland
    20. listen to music
    21. eat
    22. drive around
    23. explore places
    24. talk to people
    25. play counter strike.
    26. think about random things
    27. take a shower
    28. do homework

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  8. portablefriend

    portablefriend New Member

    29. Listen to pink floyd or the doors.
    30. Smoke hash, and get a QP for 70$ (Good nugs only)
    31. Go diving into water.
    32. Go skiing.
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  9. imported_weedfiend

    imported_weedfiend New Member

    33.Play poker
    34.Drink a banana milk
    35.Watch Will Ferrell movies
    36.Talk about politics
    37.Save a life(never happened to me but that would be cool)
    38.Watch Family Guy or Aquateen
    39.Eat McDonalds $1 double cheeseburgers
    40.Smoke some KB
    41.Listen to some screwed and chopped rap music(its CRAZZYYY man)
    42.Laugh about nothing or something incredibly stupid
    43.Look at hot Texas girls
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  10. RotiEatter

    RotiEatter New Member

    44. Rub one out.
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  11. Kris420

    Kris420 New Member

    45. rub the other nut :laugh:
  12. imported_chan

    imported_chan Sr. Member

    46. get high in space or zero gravity...(my life long dream as of now)
    47. rub another one out
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  13. dishwasher

    dishwasher New Member

    48. go to work
    49. take a nap

    screwed and chopped rap
    very good idea when your stoned
    you should go download "i get high" from mike jones if you dont already have it.
  14. imported_Ilúvatar

    imported_Ilúvatar Where is my mind...

    50. listen to Jimmy Hendrix.
    51. listen to "Sergeant peppers lonely hearts club band".
    52. stare at the stars.
    53. stare at the clouds.
    54. stare at random pedestrians to freak them out.
    55. watch the entire lord of the rings trilogy in one sitting.
    56. read the lord of the ring.
    57. (see 62)
    58. learn to play a musical instrument.
    59. play with a cat or dog.
    60. play golf.
    61. ride a go-kart.
    62. (see 57)
    63. make a lucky charms and peanut butter sandwich.
    64. make pot brownies.
    65. climb a small mountain.
    66. plant a tree.
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  15. dishwasher

    dishwasher New Member

    67. Oreos and milk :D
  16. Kris420

    Kris420 New Member

    68. masterbate ...if u cant get any of #'s 68 & 69
    69. oral sex....if u cant get #69
    70. sex
    71. .... :thumbsup:
  17. beefyakisoba

    beefyakisoba New Member

    72. Eat cinnimon toast crunch. It is sooooo good when you are blazed :redhot: .
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  18. Goblin Thug

    Goblin Thug New Member

    73. Play the Atari or some old school games such like Mortal Kombat for the sega
    74. Play the addictive sega game 'Ghouls n Ghosts' because the music is amusing when stoned
    75. Drive around urban places at night
  19. anonymity

    anonymity New Member

    I believe we've already rubbed out three sessions, so why not...

    76. Choke your chicken
    77. Flog your dolphin
    78. Whip you One-Eyed-Purple-Headed-Yogurt-Slinger
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  20. um...what to do

    79.Get Lost (not that hard while stoned)
    80.Go for a jog
    81.Listen to some 2Pac
    82.Watch great outdoor games on ESPN
    83.Train for the next outdoor games
    84.Read the I-spy books (I want to so bad but can't find one)
    85.Do some hw (Not sure why)
    86.Go and get someone high for the first time
    87.Spread the word about legalization
    88.Hug someone
    89.Go Skiing (MY ****in sport)


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