1001 Cannabis Recipes - The Only Guide For Cooking With Cannabis

Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by Higher Logic, Jul 24, 2004.

  1. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    All of these recipes and more that have been added after the creation of this thread can be found here:


    Enjoy :)
  2. jeph

    jeph New Member

    thanks again!, I already printed all the recipe list where the ingredients are available here. I'm gon'na give it to my cousins and brothers so that they can try some of it.

    and to all of you guys out there! thanks for sharing your good stuff.

    HIGH TIMES!!! :)
  3. wikked_one

    wikked_one New Member

    Wonderful, wonderful wonderful......... tried some, hope to try them all....... :)
  4. kootenaykronic

    kootenaykronic New Member

    I need a recipe

    I had a friend where i used to live but he had this hash that was very light brown colored and it was crumbly u could seriously take it a grind it into powder. But anyways this hash also smelt incredibly fruity which was cool but the most coolest thing about it as soon as u put it into a bowl and went to go smoke it, it would seriously go from powder to liquid like oil or boiling hot fude on a stove. But this was the best hash Ive ever smoked and I was wondering if u guys could help me out on the recipe to make it. Ive asked my friend if he would tell me but he said its a secret AND IT REALLY PISSES ME OFF so if u can help me that would be nice!
  5. kootenaykronic

    kootenaykronic New Member


    or no one answer me...
  6. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    Search young padawon and the answer you will find.
  7. ieatpoop

    ieatpoop New Member


    in one of the recipies stems are used, can you do this in all of them for the same effect?
  8. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    No, because stems are lacking in THC, so you really wouldn't get much out of them. The Stem Tea recipe calls for a LOT of stems to be finely ground up, in hopes of extracting the tiny amount of THC from them. Stems are something you don't really want to use for recipes, it's mainly just for tea because it has a very nice, unique flavor. The last time I made Stem Tea I enjoyed the marijuana-esque taste very much. Then again, I had about 1/2-cup of finely ground stems, which is A LOT of stems.
  9. PRiMe4u

    PRiMe4u New Member

    :) Added a "Wake-N-No-Bake Cookies" to the list, you should try 'em!

    (new recipes are added to the bottom, btw)[/QUOTE]
  10. nerphroll

    nerphroll Sr. Member

    Can you repeat that in English please?
  11. Jimbeam

    Jimbeam New Member

    When making the Cannabutter and recipes using it, does it put off a strong smell of pot and if so, roughly how long does it last?
  12. cuttiepies

    cuttiepies New Member

    the jello shots with green dragon

    I have a question about the jello shots with the green dragon. I know how to make jello shots with the hot water and then your liquor but with adding the green dragon instead of water how would you disolve the jello if you do not have the hot water? and how many shots would I need to get high as smoking it does not take much cause I do not smoke a lot.:D
  13. cuttiepies

    cuttiepies New Member

    green dragon

    with the green dragon when letting it sit for 2-10 weeks do you put it in the fridge or freezer or counter? which is better 2 or 10 weeks?
  14. timpo17

    timpo17 Member

    hmmm, its april 10th...is there enough time to crank it out for 4/20?
    talking bout green dragon, and would margarita mixers from the supermarket be an easy taste addition, instead of making a citrus extract..

    and for those questioning green dragon jello shots, follow recipes that include alc, caus puirely substituting water for alc will give you shitty jello caus of the evaporating qualities of alc
  15. ITG

    ITG Ardent Dilettante

    Can we sticky this? I just went through 21 pages because "cannabis recipes" turned up nothing... plus it's really useful.
  16. rudolphthered

    rudolphthered New Member

    Dear Higher Logic,

    I made your cannabis elixir recipe, and while it is *definitely* psychoactive, it tastes horribly (and burns/smells) of alcohol. I used Everclear 151 in the tincture component of the recipe and tried to let as much of the alcohol evaporate off as possible during the cooking process, but it's still very alcoholic. Is this how it's meant to turn out? If not, any suggestions for what I could do differently?
  17. smokin_mama

    smokin_mama New Member

    Has anyone tried the magic tea recipe below with fresh nut milk (made from 1.5c of nuts and 3c. water) instead of animal milk? I'm thinking it'd work because of the fat content in the nuts, but I'd love some responses before I waste any herb.

    1 cup Light Cream
    1 gram Cannabis

    In a saucepan over medium-low heat, bring the light cream to almost a boil. Turn off the heat, and add cannabis. Mix in well with a wooden spoon. Cover, and let cool for 1-2 hours. Strain the milk with some cheesecloth, and add to your morning coffee or tea.

    The amount of cannabis you use, like in any recipe, is up to you. The more the merrier of course!
  18. Steve Cool

    Steve Cool Guest

    As the federal government prepares to fire up services again – reigniting the US economy. Senselessly shut down for 14 excruciating days, here's a quick cannabis-based drink recipe to help the approximate 800,000+ federal workers celebrate the fact that their back on the federal gravy train.

    Take a ride on the lawnmower…

    1. 10 to 15 raw marijuana sun leafs
    2. 4 large organic carrots – sliced into chunks
    3. 2 Granny Smith apples, with their core removed
    cut into juicer sized chunks
    4. 2 inch-long pieces of ginger
    5. 1 large lemon, peeled, separated and de-seeded
    6. 4 fluid ounces of simple cannabis – infused vodka

    Decorate and garnish with seasonal herbs.

    1. By firing up last year’s seemingly useless Christmas gift, the vegetable juicer – to process your ingredients; the cannabis leaves, carrots, apples, ginger, and lemon. Then folding one third of your sun leaves into a bunch, and gently shoving them down the produce tube, immediately followed by a chunk of Apple or carrot. Switching back and forth with your ingredients helps prevent the sticky cannabis fibers from obstructing the juicer.

    2. You’ve now completed the hardest part of making this cannabis infused drink. Now, just fill a drink shaker with ice. Mixed together 1 cup of your homemade juice, and 2 fluid Oz. Of pot infused vodka, toss in some ice and shake that puppy with all your might. Now simply strain relaxing elixir into any old shot glass. And you’re off to the races!

  19. Monterey Bud

    Monterey Bud Administrator Staff Member

    Thanksgiving Marijuana Stuffing Recipe

    Marijuana stuffing is awesome now matter when, or where you get to indulge...in my opinion. And with Thanksgiving just around the corner now is the time to learn how to make it.
    Here is a recipe that is perfect for cannabis stuffing. It’s fun to make, and even better to eat. Enjoy:
    5 cups rye bread crumbs
    2 tablespoons poultry seasoning
    1/2 cup each of raisins and almonds
    1/2 cup celery
    1/3 cup chopped onions
    3 tablespoons melted Canna butter

    Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. It is surprisingly simple. We are actually going to triple the amount we make so we can stuff the bird and have some left over to eat.
  20. Steve Cool

    Steve Cool Guest

    Chronic Chocolate raspberry crumble
    Its early Sunday morning… I’ve had my bong hit, and chosen my players for fantasy football today. Now there’s nothing left to do except prepare the dank treats expected by my hungry smoke circle.

    In other words it’s time to do a little chronic cooking before the games fire up later this morning.
    And on the menu today… is a chronic chocolate raspberry crumble

    1 cup canna-butter
    2 cups flour
    1 cup sugar
    half teaspoon cinnamon
    one package many chocolate chips
    one package frozen raspberries
    quarter cup orange juice
    half cup powdered sugar
    1 tablespoon cornstarch

    As this recipe contains potent marijuana cannabinoids – and the strength and percentage of those cannabinoids can vary… It is important understand there is no “standard,” as such it is important to be careful, and consume your med-edibles slowly – allowing time for the THC to take effect.

    Chronic cooking directions:

    In order to fire up this dope treat, first mix flour, sugar, and cinnamon together. Next – and most importantly add your already prepared Canna-butter, mixing until consistency is large crumbs. Line a 9 x 13 foil pan with your dope mixture and form a crust, setting aside at least 1 cup for decorative crumble on the top. Bake 10 minutes at 350°, while baking the crust, mix raspberries and orange juice in the saucepan over a low to medium heat. Add powdered sugar and cornstarch. Continue stirring until bubbles form on the side of the pan, then cook one more minute. Remove from heat, cool 10 minutes. When the crust has cooled a bit, add the chocolate chips, spreading evenly. Then spoon the raspberry mixture onto the chips, and top with left over crust mixture. Bake 20 minutes at 350. After removal from oven, cool for 10 minutes, then let’s set in fridge for an hour. Cut into bars – or triangles – and sit back and enjoy.

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