2 months and still not clean!!

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by hadtoquit, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. hadtoquit

    hadtoquit New Member

    I was given a job opportunity and know I will be drug screened. So as soon as I found out I stopped smoking, unfortunately. My stats are below for info.

    Smoked 2 or 3 times a day
    Good stuff
    For about 3 years
    6' 1" 185
    And exercise almost dally
    And took a cleansing drink

    Anyway I took a take home test a week ago and did not pass (there was a line but it was the "waxy" color line they say should be read as positlve). This was after not smoking for 6 weeks. I freaked and went on a crash diet and did "fat burning Cardio" for 30-60 min a day for 4 day than did nothing for the rest of the week. Now 7 weeks without smoking I took another test and failed again. What could be the reason? Am I going to be clean any time soon?

    I not sure when the lab test will be but it could be anyday now. I really need help.
  2. Hawg

    Hawg Sr. Member

    Some people have reported dirty up to 105 days. On a home test a line is a line from what I have heard and from personal experience. I have had a faint line on one and still passed one at a Lab.
  3. hadtoquit

    hadtoquit New Member

    Well that does make me fell a lot better. There is def a line but its not totally pink or red but its not just whites either. Damn this is so stressful, or maybe its just cause am not smoking mary jane anymore. I guess am just going to go back on an all protein no fat or carb diet and add running to my training program for as long as I can.

    Could someone tell me about the test more, like if when you took it and failed what the "test window" looked like for you?
  4. Hawg

    Hawg Sr. Member

    Apositive on a home test is a no line wht so ever!!! A line even a faint one is a negative
  5. Bx4Lyfe_2005

    Bx4Lyfe_2005 Well-Known Member

    Hadtoquit - Your case sounds a little unusal. In the light that you seem to be doing all the right things.

    You say you took 2 home tests 6-8 weeks apart, and you are still coming up positive, or at least you may be "reading" the test wrong. Do yourself a favor and go to a lab and take your own 5-10 panel test. Most of them are reasonalbly priced...I think no more than $50 if that. The results are within 24 hrs, and since it uses the more detailed GC/MS you will get an EXACT reading of whats in your system, and how many units.

    If you can find out, I would try to get the cutoff level for your company that you are trying for...Most private outfits for THC use 50ml as thier cutoff, while government agencies will usually have it set at 20ml. As long as you fall under those numbers, you are cool. If you are between them, you are still ok, but you will definatly have to practice Dilution techniques (See Sticky posts from S2 & N2 at the head of the forum) or think about joining the Sub Club (also another Sticky).

    Either way, just paying for one Lab test is worth just as much as buying 2 at home tests from the drugstore, and you'll get some much needed brain ease. Not to mention you'll be able to "chart" your own personal Detox time, and have a better grasp on what your defense will be against it.

    Good Luck, and keep us updated on whats going on!
  6. MOXJO7282

    MOXJO7282 New Member

    Your situation is similar to mine, I was still dirty for 8+ weeks. I was pannicking for weeks about possibly missing out on a super job opp. As soon as I did a trial run of the dilution method, I passed easily. At your stage of abstinence , I think if you do the dilution method you will be fine. Get the creatine powder, and load up on that, its tasteless, so it no big deal. Don't over do it with the Gatorade, follow the amounts. You can even try less, if you have the time to do multiple trials. When I did it, I wasn't busting at the seams, just diluted enough to clearly pass a home test, which means passing the lab's test.

    One other thing, if you are considering subbing, I can tell you Labcorp does not observe, and it would have been so easy to sub. Consider that was well.

  7. Budless

    Budless New Member

    I had quit smoking for about a month and was told to go for a drug test for employment I home tested the morning before going and had a faint line and passed the lab test. Good luck to you! :cool:

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