20 dollar Grams?

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by MrBluntstuff, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. Uncle-Junior

    Uncle-Junior New Member

    I was playing GTAIV the other day and that annoying douche Katt Williams was talking about NYC prices on one of the fake radio stations. Said something along the lines of... "Damn son, 500 bucks hardly gets you a zip now a days". I thought it was just exaggerated sarcasm, but are prices really that bad there?
  2. Shellshock

    Shellshock Subscriber

    Nice, i'm moving just outside Van for University as well :p
    Yeah it's very nice, I can't imagine paying over 30 for an eighth, just seems crazy to me!


    <~~~~~ Lives on Long Island

    Pays $60-$70 for a half Z of regs

    Pays $150 half Z of dro/exotics

  4. toke_after_toke

    toke_after_toke New Member

    I thought this too for a very long time. I live near New York and a lot of people were selling these 20 dollar grams and 60 eighths. Then i started smoking with older people and now i shit you not i get $30 1/8 of like OK not quite headies but like KB. It gets u very high though, i was verrrryyyyyyy baked when my friend and i smoked only a bowl and a joint. U just gotta find a good hook up. If i try to get dank though it costs $10-15 a g.
  5. JimmyBruiser

    JimmyBruiser New Member

    Hi guys, Jimbo here from Brooklyn, I buy in Manhattan and yeah.
    Unfortunately this is the fate of New Yorkers :sad:

    I have a couple of good dealers though, so I get the very stickiest dank dubs for $20.

    As it happens, my good friend/dealer is about to hook me up with a gram of a nice-smelling 50/50 NYC diesel/granddaddy purple strain he grew himself, for $15. Knowing him, and having seen some, I know it's gonna be awesome. :blazed:

    So yeah, in a place like New York, it's really all about who you know. Let some time pass, I'm sure you'll find a good dealer.
  6. 024

    024 Sr. Member

    20$ a gram
    60-70$ an eighth
    150$ half
    280-320$ O
  7. Ilovemybuds

    Ilovemybuds New Member

    I live on Long Island, 516 area over here. I can get grams for 20, eigths for 55, Q's for 90 etc. Not that bad of bud and it's always weighed in front of me no matter what I get, you just needa meet the right people like everywhere else

    Edit: If I really wanted to I could get some really weak buds from the place called "The Shacks" 1.5 grams in each bag range from 5-10 bucks.
  8. e7r2i4c

    e7r2i4c New Member

    hear in HOuston texas if its good its usually around $20-25 a gram
  9. buddlydoright

    buddlydoright New Member

    well it all depends on what you buy. Usually when I get just an 8th its $45-65 depending on the person and the quality. But when you buy an oz of the higher end for $325-$350 thats a way better deal. That has got to be where people are getting their $35 an 8th prices from because 325/8 is $40 per 8th.
  10. Adam James

    Adam James New Member

    You guys need to come to London, i'm getting Lemon Haze from my regular dealer at 150 an ounce, and lemon haze is pretty good shit, with a very nice high.

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