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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by blawrence, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. blawrence

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    Can someone decipher this receipt I received after my drug screen today?

    on the top it says "non-dot custody and control form"

    then at the bottom it says "Test Panels"
    and it has the following two boxes checked
    "Drug Screen (P2) with Confirmation"
    "Miscellaneous: Ectasy"

    to the right of that it has a box "THC Cutoff"
    and then it has checked "20 ng/ml", the other unchecked options were "50 ng/ml" and "100 ng/ml".

    I haven't smoked for two-three weeks and have not done ectasy in years, I passed a home test without diluting at night a week ago, and passed a home test without diluting in the moring two days ago. I run a lot, and am 200 lbs.

    I drank a lot of liquids today, probably around 70 ounces. Took maybe 30 grams of creatine spread out over saturday and sunday this weekend. And I took like six aspirin and vitamin b today. I took a home test right before the test and had two dark lines.

    I am confused about what I have read about THC cutoff levels. In the pamphlet that comes with the home tests it says they are 50 ng/ml immunoessay, but then right next to that it says 15 ng/ml gc/ms.

    Somebody somewhere on these forums said that passing a 50 ng/ml immunoessay is the equivalent as passing a 15 ng/ml gc/ms. But I am not even sure if the 20 ng/ml it has on this receipt refers to an immunoessay or gc/ms.

    Theres nothing I can do about anything now, but while I sweat out the results I am wondering if someone can clear this up for me.

  2. Secs

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    the 20 ng/mL is refering to the immunoassay test at the lab. The confirmation is either 15 ng/mL or Lowest Detectable Level.

    Your employer definetly doesn't want anyone who smokes pot working for him.

    IF I were you, I would do a 1/2 dilution. Your home test using your first urine of the day is a great sign, but for added insurance, cut the fluids in the dilutiuon method in half and go for it.
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  3. blawrence

    blawrence New Member

    I had actually already taken it that same day I posted, and I ended up passing. These message boards really helped me. Thanks.

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