20 sack and dimebag?

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by chronic12345, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. chronic12345

    chronic12345 New Member

    ok, so, where i live, a 20 sack is $20 worth, and a dimebag is $10 worth.

    but my question is, is a 20 sack exactly two dimebags? or is it a little bit more, since it is kind of more "in bulk" than a dime or nick?
  2. Gale

    Gale New Member

    haha i forgot about dimebags, in my area a 20 sack would be two dimebags if you wanted to look at it that way. it woudnt really be different because a twenty sack doesnt have a whole lot more bulk than a dimebag does.
  3. hippie557

    hippie557 New Member

    dimebag = 1.0g or 10
    20 sack = 2.0g or 20

    no, you won't be getting more by buying in "bulk." I wish there was a dealer who sold like BJ Wholesale...
  4. Juank

    Juank Sr. Member

    you don't get better prices the more you buy?
    most of the people I know do. If it wasn't that way i'd probably just be buying teenths instead of quarters (oz).

    instead I buy more than I need and just take my time with it.
    or maybe i misunderstood (again)
  5. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    Mqybe thats not the case for YOU, but MOST of us DO get SIGNIFICANT savings buying in bulk. For example, I routinely buy 1/2 ozs of high quality dank, sticky weed. I pay $140 bucks for it, right at 10 bucks a gram. The same weed is sold for 20 bucks a gram elsewhere, so, I'm saing 50% by buying "bulk" instead of by the gram. The more you buy, typically the cheaper it is.... For example, my 1/4s run $75, and my Ozs run $270. At a rate of 20 per gram, that same oz would cost me $560 bucks!! So yeah...if you are NOT getting discounts for buying in bulk, I'd say you were in the minority, as everyone I know gets breaks on bigger amounts.
  6. air-wick

    air-wick New Member

    same here, i always buy in bulk because i end up getting a better price for it.

    i wish i got the kinda hookups troublemaker does, though

    for me:

    20 a gram
    60 for an eighth (3.5 grams)
    120 for a quarter (7 grams)

    pretty much the going prices from everyone ive dealt with here.
  7. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    LOL.... well, I'll admit I'm lucky. I never used to get hooked up like this either, and usually paid the typical 50 and 1/8th and 100 a 1/4 (for dank), if I could even FIND dank. I typically smoked mexi brickweed that was almost seedless for 100 bucks an oz.....
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  8. air-wick

    air-wick New Member

    yeah, i picked up 20s worth of some seedless shwag. its my last resort weed when i run out of dank. good thing is it wasnt bricked so the buds were pretty fluffy. people i know thought it was dank when they saw it, it looks that nice. maybe its more of a nice mid.

    matter of fact, i just got done smoking some of it. ill be picking up a quarter of some nice stuff tomorrow :D
  9. VaporizorMariJ

    VaporizorMariJ Sr. Member

    I never pick up a less then a 1/4 oz.

    I wouldnt consider picking up 20$ worth buying "bulk" lol. Anything over 1/2oz is considered buying in bulk. I usually buy half oz's and that will last me 2 or 3 weeks, depending on how much I feel like smoking.

    For high quality weed I usually pay. I dont even bother spending money on cheap weed

    1g = $10
    1/8th(3.5g) = $25 maybe $30
    1/4 oz(7g) = $50
    1/2 oz (14g) = $90 maybe $100
    1 oz = $160 - $180
    QP = $500-$600
  10. CumfortablyNumb

    CumfortablyNumb New Member

    it's more.
    Just like if you buy 7 nick's in more than a Quarter.
    or if you buy three dimes it more than a Quarter.
    But that's just my hook-up or my area.

    swdfnse'f POOP
  11. CumfortablyNumb

    CumfortablyNumb New Member

    Damn Vaporizer your prices are really fucked up.
    1g for $10 that's outragous where do you live.
    or wait is it regg's your talking about?
  12. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    WTF dude, speak english, or at least something that approximates it....I'm fluent in typonese, but thats nothing but absolute gibberish....even what you wrote in semi-English at the top.
  13. VaporizorMariJ

    VaporizorMariJ Sr. Member

    No not regs, high quality indoor grown bud 10 bucks a gram.... I always thought that was pretty normal. I live in Canada. All over the country a gram is 10 bucks. Its not until you buy more that you get discounted.

    Wouldn't 7 nicks = 3.5 grams = 1/8th an ounce not a quarter

    and 3 dimes = 3 grams = Less then an 1/8th

    Thats what it would be where Im from... then again I dont buy anything less then an 1/8th
  14. rickforpresident

    rickforpresident New Member

    actualy a gram = a nick 2 grams is a dime 3to like3.5 grams is a eightth a 20 sack is 4 grams and so on any here were i live a gram is like $5 for any thing from good regs to high mids depending on who i buy it from and if im getting a hookup or not

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