200 ng/ml ?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by elmutt, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. elmutt

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    I got my results of my first probation test and it was about 200 ng/ml. Thats pretty high isnt it? Do they know how recently I smoked before that? Kindof worried my Probation officer is going to be mad about it. My second test came back as around 100 ng/ml and I don't have the results of my third yet but it was no doubt lower.

    I also have to meet with my probation officer on wednesday and I dont doubt he is going to ask me about the results. Do I admit to him that I ****ed up? He thinks I last smoked 7 or 8 days before the test but it was actually like 3 days (had to finish off my herb ya know).

    Thanks for any advice you can give.
  2. Wizard1

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    No...they cannot tell how long ago you smoked....As long as the levels keep going down as they have been..(and you don;t smoke any more) He/she will not violate you. Respect the terms of your probation, and you will get through it fine.
  3. elmutt

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    Thank you so much for reply, you don't know how much stress you just saved me from.
  4. B.O.W.

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    200 Ng/ml Is Not High... But It Is High Enough To Fail... Because The Cut-off Levels Are 15ng-50ng/ml. Ng Stands For Nanogram Which Is A Billionth Of A Gram Which Is Not Alot.. 200ng/ml Is Not A Lot.. In Heavy Users It Can Go Up To 10,000ng/ml Which Is A Lot.
  5. elmutt

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    I believe you may be mistaken about 10,000 ng/ml... can anyone confrim this?
  6. Buzzby

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    Please lose the capitalize-every-word thing. It's very annoying and difficult to read. Capital letters are different from lower case letters in how they're processed by the brain. Every time you see one your brain has to go through a chain of decisions: Is it a new sentence? Is it a name? A proper noun? Something Very Important? You keep sending out those cues and then fail to deliver. That's rude.
  7. d4rk3

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    i dunno how you could ever measure 10,000 ng/ml of thc, like he said the highest most machines can read is 200 ng/ml (or my place is 135 ng/ml). and ya, 200 ng/ml is high, considered "off the charts" but ya like he said as long as your levels go down and stay down, you're in the clear.

    one quick question...does anyone know how much it would take to hit 200 ng/ml if you had been clean for a while? a joint? a few hits? i know alot would depend on quality, how long you held it in for, etc. but if anyone has any clues fill me in...it'd be interesting to know :)
  8. imported_joe_mama

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    Just keep in mind this was posted by the same person that insists diet soft drinks can mask THC in everyone. Believe it if you want, but I'll take my advice from others on this board.
  9. YouLiveAndLearn

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    Finally :)
  10. d4rk3

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    dude i knew he was bs'ing i just wanted to ask him that, but obviously he "can't". ya he's a moron, but hey i just wanted to find a reason behind his 10,000 ng/ml idea to see if he had actual scientific reason behind it or if he was in fact, an idiot. point proven.

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