2013 - Drug Policy Reform Conference

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    The 2013 International Drug Policy Reform Conference is fast approaching. For three days from October 23rd through October 26th attendees will have the opportunity to interact with people committed to finding alternatives to the war on drugs while participating in sessions given by leading experts from around the world. This year’s conference is taking place in Denver, Colorado, where the drug policy reform landscape has just recently changed dramatically. In 2011, the conference hosted over 1,000 people representing 30 different countries. We wish to continue this stellar record of attendance and are pleased to offer scholarship assistance to allow a diverse group of people to participate.​

    We encourage you to attend the conference and have included the link to information about the National and International Scholarship applications here. Please be aware that although generous, our scholarships do not cover the full cost of attending the Conference. The deadline to apply for scholarships if you are from the US is August 2, for international attendees it is July 31.​

    Any questions about National Scholarships should be directed to Stephanie Polito and any questions about International Scholarships to Zara Snapp.​

    Numerous NORML staff, board members and chapter leaders will be in attendance for this important bi-annual drug policy reform conference…hope to see you there too!​

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    I know these are just copypasta for SEO but would these type of events be good for just plain enthusiasts or are they meant for policy makers?
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    Anyone is able to attend, they are holding this to teach how to correctly collect petitions. I read at the site so many people RSVP'd they ended up holding it at the hotel next door. i work every Saturday but could have taken an extra long lunch and went but ended up not going. There is another in Jacksonville on August 10, 1pm - 2pm. I for one look forward to the laws changing here in Florida and everywhere else. Most people I believe feel this way but believe Florida will be a hard sell. I look forward to a similar type of meeting in the Tampa area, I would like to get photos and statements for an article on the Florida movement.

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