24+ Days clean?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Retroviral Sounds, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. Retroviral Sounds

    Retroviral Sounds New Member

    Is it enough?

    5'6" 130 lbs, extremely fast metabolism (8-10% body fat). For about 3 weeks before I quit completely for my UA, I curtailed my intake (1-2 hits a week at the MOST).

    Right now I am 23 days clean, but I will not be testing today, I can do it at my own convienience. Plan B would be to just not take the physical at all, have heard of people making it 5-8 years without taking one! Its my first year at the job, and I'd like to go back to worry free smoking.
  2. Retroviral Sounds

    Retroviral Sounds New Member

    Just scheduled for 10:15 Friday morning. So that's 25+ days clean plus some slide time of decreased usage to get the half life rolling down hill. I have to fast for 12 hours pretest as I have to get blood drawn as well. Needless to say no food for 12 hours is a legitimate reason to increase water consumtpion
  3. Plainsman1963

    Plainsman1963 New Member

    I'd wager my mj.com membership that you will pass this test--provided that you have stopped hitting that pot on the lo lo--even 1-2 hits is extreme with an imminent UA. Make me a winner and stop smoking pot NOW. I realize it's hard to stop the enjoyment but hey.....
  4. Retroviral Sounds

    Retroviral Sounds New Member

    thanks man. I need the encouragement, thanks for the explanation via PM too.

    I have to fast as I said for 12 hours before hand, so I'm sure my h2o intake will be higher than normal. I have an extremely fast metabolism, so I'm not very worried (I didn't even bother to buy a home test). But I always like to see what others think as this is only my second test ever. Next year I am going to circumvent the system as many of my fellow coworkers do. Had I not been Mr Honesty, with over 3000 employees at my campus alone I'm sure I they never would've noticed that I didn't take it.

    The last time I smoked was May 30th, didn't smoke at all the day before (29th) and split a spliff between 4 of us on the 28th... before that I was off for a whole week, and the week before that was much the same (only weekend smoking for most of May).

    I have heard those who smoke on a regular basis actually metabolize THC faster than those who are just occasional smokers, is this true? I seem to find conflicting info.
  5. Plainsman1963

    Plainsman1963 New Member

    So are you saying that someone who smokes THC on a regular/daily basis will metabolize THC faster than someone who just smokes on the weekends?
    I do not understand how that be likely? I mean on a strictly pharmaco-kinetics basis: the amount of THC that hepatic enzymes can metabolize is dependent upon the amount of substrate (THC) available. Thus, for someone who jus blazes on wknds would have a smaller amount of THC intheir system and it would be readily metabolized--thus eliminated faster---furthermore, an occasional user would concievably be storing up less THC in lipid tissue. And if that person aerobically exercises even immediately after the smoke and urinates ans stools often, then even less THC would be stored up. Versus, someon who blazes up an 1/8 every day would have a huge amount of THC in their sys and it would take longer to dissipate the THC. So, since the Vmax is the same, and Km is the same, the only variable is the total amt of THC; therefore, it'd reasonalby take 'longer' for a heavy user to clean out vs an occassional wknd user. Prove me wrong, but the pharmaco-kinetics suggest that supposition as untenable, no?
  6. Retroviral Sounds

    Retroviral Sounds New Member

    I had just read it somewhere and it didn't make a whole lot of sense but I will attempt a physiological response.

    I thought, the body, after being inundated by THC for so long would produce more substrate to break the thc down. Much like drinking. It is possible for someone who has been drinking for years to drink two to three times over the legal limit for driving and not be impaired the slightest. This is bc the body is used to be attacked by the toxin in large quantities for an extended schedule and in an attempt to maintain homeostasis, breaks the alcohol down quicker to get it out of the body faster.
  7. w3st3d

    w3st3d New Member

    I'm still dirty at 44 days, after smoking heavy for 2-3 years. So... no.
  8. Plainsman1963

    Plainsman1963 New Member

    Retro: tha is interesting hypothesis---so you're saying that the hepatic enzymes that metabolize THC are 'up-regulated' in cases where there's a lot of substrate THC around in the system? And this may explain why a person with a lot of toxin THC in their system can get rid of it faster than a person who has a low level of such toxins (where the hepatic enzymes would be down-regulated). Am I understanding your correctly here?

    *OK, Wasted---your real-life experiences would argue against this hypothesis since you said you were a heavy user of HQ pot and are still testin "pos"?
  9. Retroviral Sounds

    Retroviral Sounds New Member

    His case I would consider an outlier for many reasons. Fat content, smoking habits, type of bud smoked etc.

    Up regulation is such a scientific term and usually refers to genetics. I do not think this would be genetically linked, conditioning would be more fitting (albeit psychological mostly).

    Look at it this way, if you smoke once every year, that one time you smoke you are going to be incredibly high.

    If you smoke daily, you will slowly need more and more bud to get to the same state as if you were abstinent most of the year.

    This proves the fact that that body is conditioned to process THC more quickly if the smoker is regular. I believe I read the article on the NORML site, so its a reputable source.

    I'm not sure if I whole heartedly believe this hypothesis, it is physiologically possible I guess.

    TO WASTED: Are you using old testing supplies? Did you smoke in your proclaimed 44 day abstinence period? Are you still hanging around people who smoke regularly? To the point, are you over weight? Are you using your first piss of the day?

    --Just because you use your first piss of the day, and you fail, does not mean that come 10am+ your urine won't fall below the 50ng cut off.


    So I am within the 48 hour period now, and consuming h2o rapidly. My glass is always full of the goodness. Being 25 days + at time of testing, should I dilute a tad to just make sure. I have creatine (Cell Tech) on hand, and I am currently taking a multivitamin. I plan on popping 3 tylenol before going into work, so at time of testing (2 hours later) it should be diffuse through my system. Should I have any worries? Like I said my intake the couple of weeks leading up to complete abstinence was vastly decreased, i am 5'6" and 130-135 pounds (im just a little guy) and almost 25 years old. Last time I smoked was 1 bowl split between me and a friend of some good stuff on May 30th.
  10. w3st3d

    w3st3d New Member

    I don't want to hijack this thread so if you have any more questions (or advice) go ahead and PM me...

    I smoked 1-2 grams of HQ a day for about 2 1/2 years. I have not been around 2nd hand smoke since quitting, and have not touched anything during the last 44 days (I don't really have a reason to lie about this to strangers on the internet). I am not overweight- I am 6'3'' 178lbs, and I have been working out pretty heavily during said 44 days. I have a pretty good metabolism, and I don’t drink alcohol often (probably 2-3 nights during the entire period). I am currently running 2 miles in the morning before eating anything, and 4 miles at night before bed. I have lost about 13 pounds in said 44 days.

    I have taken about 10 tests over the last month, of varying brands. My most recent experience was last Sunday (41 days clean). I tested negative after following N2's dilution methods, but then about 4 or 5 hours later that same night, tested positive once I was “undiluted”. Being that my goal is joining the military, I assessed this as too risky to ship to MEPS. Failing at MEPS is absolutely not an option, but waiting is. My form says I have never smoked in my life, so it would be a double-f’d if I tested positive.

    The strange part is I passed a Wal-Mart First Check cup test with my first void on June 8th, at only 28 days clean. On day 36, I failed a dip test with my third or forth void of the day, and after drinking a ton of water, passed the very same kind of test about 20 minutes later on the next void.

    I am a pretty healthy guy, no liver or kidney problems- maybe just an outlier for whatever reason. I will be testing with a Wal-Mart First Check next Tuesday (day 50!) on first void. If I fail that one I will be sending it in for GS analysis to help get some answers. I will take another one the following Tuesday and send it in as well, to see what kind of a drop I am getting per week. If I pass, I will have the other one to use a couple of days later to make sure it’s not a fluke.

  11. Retroviral Sounds

    Retroviral Sounds New Member

    This may sounds stupid, so dont jump down my throat for it....

    ... but are you reading the test correctly? Remember its the opposite of what you would think. Two lines means you passed, 1 line means fail.
  12. w3st3d

    w3st3d New Member

    Rofl.... Yeah, I'm reading them correctly.
  13. Retroviral Sounds

    Retroviral Sounds New Member

    Sounds like you smoke incredibly good stuff, a whole hell of a lot, and have a sloooooow metabolism. Just because you are not overweight does not mean you have a slow metabolism at all. Also remember that while you are exercizing you are actively oxidizing fat cells with stored THC and releasing that into your urine. Stop exercising for a few days and eat a bunch of sonic, then test... see if that works.
  14. w3st3d

    w3st3d New Member

    Yes on the good stuff. Like I said, about 1-2 G's per day, never more due to cost, but almost never less.

    I know my metabolism is pretty good because I can eat really crappy stuff for long periods of time with no excercise and not gain any weight. My last test was after 4 days of zero activity and a fatty diet. I just have bad luck with this stuff. I hope I'm good by Tuesday, and if I'm not, atleast I'll have gc/ms later in the week to give me a better idea. I'll keep you all updated.... Note to nubs, this is why everyone answers the "When will I be clean" with TEST YOURSELF! I never though I would have to wait this long.
  15. Retroviral Sounds

    Retroviral Sounds New Member

    I didn't even waste my $15 on a home test. I am damn near 100% sure that I am clean after 25 days. I have a insanely fast metabolism. If I don't lift weights, heavily, and take some sort of supplement, I lose weight. Naturally I am around 130 pounds, but have been as high as 155 when I was really busting my ass. I am a fairly irregular smoker, 5-6 days a week, usually middies, keebs when i can find it and have the extra dough. No bongs, mostly j's and bowls... a few blunts now and then. The only thing that worries me at all is I have done another extracurricular in that time, but its something that should've sped up my metabolism, not slowed it down, and it cannot be detected this late in the game.
  16. w3st3d

    w3st3d New Member

    Word. Keep in mind, I can't count on dilution to get me through my situation. I have passed lab tests in the past with only 10 days clean with a good dilute. I'm sure you will be fine.
  17. Retroviral Sounds

    Retroviral Sounds New Member

    I take it you can't really sub either. My only recommendation would be detox kit or au natural. Its up to you. Either way your taking a risk. I'd give it two more weeks so your over the two month barrier, and if you fail after two months roll the fattest J you have ever seen and have yourself a night.
  18. Retroviral Sounds

    Retroviral Sounds New Member

    Ok so I just returned from my yearly physical and I'm not sure if they even tested me at all! They took two vials of blood for cholesterol etc and gave me a paper cup to piss in. She told me she didn't need much, and when I finished all the urine went into a vial, not one of the labcorp cups on the shelf. No chain of custody, no signatures no NOTHING! She said they were checking kidney function so I assume that's what the vialwas for. Any insights as to this matter? Did I just get had by the man?
  19. atomic

    atomic New Member

    You know, I'm in the same boat as you. I'm 48 days without smoking - previously HEAVY user - 1-3 a day with a vaporizer. I'm 6-3 and about 170. After drinking plenty of water to dilute, the best I could get was a barely visible "second line" on the home test. I was riding my bike 20 miles a day for about 5 days straight, and usually exercise plenty. I haven't exercised since about 5 days ago. I was also using different cleansing kits - GNC, Wizard Products Cleansing - even doing both at the same time! I just tested again and was definitely dirty. I'm obviously not overweight either. I don't know why it takes so long to clean out my system! The only constructive thing I can add is that these cleansing kits are bogus for me (probably some others as well).

    I tried a instant detox kit ( cleansing tablets for the previous day, drink the beverage, take the B-complex ) and still came up dirty after voiding a few times before testing.

    Now, I'm almost sure I have this job, and was told that I had to pass a pre-employment physical and DT. I was all cool - thinking I'll just substitute. Now I'm worried about concealing during the physical...I'll probably post a thread to see what advice people have on physical/DT testing...
  20. Retroviral Sounds

    Retroviral Sounds New Member

    so thanks for hijacking my thread boi.

    Real quick, and I'll let you boys get back to your convo, if I didn't have any paper work, no sealed piss cup and no chain of custody... I didn't get piss tested (for drugs at least) right?

    Carry on.......

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