35105N SAP 5-50 W/NIT Test

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by obgyoshi, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. obgyoshi

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    I have a drug test today for a nice education position at Quest. I had smoked a bowl with a friend everyday for two weeks straight around Jan 14th-28th according to my investigating on when was the last time I ordered Pizza Hut (got to love bad habits). I have been clean since, 5'10", 160lbs, moderately fast metabolism. I drank a good amount of fluids for the past two days, but I am not too worried since I have been sober for 40+ days. I will report back in with results to add to the results thread. Always good to have more statistics.
  2. obgyoshi

    obgyoshi New Member

    Took a home test today because I was a bit nervous and it came out negative. Think the drug test should be just fine. Only reason I wanted to add this statistic was because I had not seen enough entries of subjects who had not attempted cleansing themselves through dilution/substitution. Will add my negative to the results thread when its 100% confirmed.
  3. Choose Wisely

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    I'm going to risk ostracism here and say that you have entirely missed the point of holding an education positiion with an organization that is actively involved in the assessment of swaths of the populace who might be using on the behalf of their respective employers. I'd like to provide you with a little education, for free, if you will allow me; you may be clean for over a month, and you may believe that your "dilution/substitution" protocol will be sufficient to help you elude detection but, as an experienced toxicologist (yes, I've worked with and for Quest in years past, including before they even WERE Quest) and consultant to the DOT and to DOT-regulated employers, I assure you that your illicit drug use will be detected, either by the extremely sensitive chromatographic and spectrometric analytical methods used for drug detection and confirmation (which far exceed the specificity and sensitivity of your OTC drug screen) or by the random screening and reasonable suspicion protocols by which Quest, like other serious employers, attempt to assure that they are promoting a Drug-Free Workplace.

    It is a certifiable shame to think that someone who is educated, experienced and/or qualified to secure an education position would act with such impunity to counsel others on ways to tweak a drug test result. You're wrong in your supposition that you're safe, and you're even more wrong in your blatant disregard for the highest and best interests of others as they pursue their right to a safe workplace, reasonably free of potentially dangerous errors and accidents. The actions of those whose ability to act are impaired by their use of substances that alter their perceptions and influence their behavior too often result in harm to others - it's not just yourself you're risking, and the ones you ARE have not had the opportunity to choose.
  4. obgyoshi

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    What I chose to do in my time when I was not in an important position has nothing to do with my attitudes towards professionalism or opinions towards drug use while in the workforce. I find you are overreaching by a lot, and as you may have seen, I was not giving any solutions, as I was not using any techniques besides abstaining from drug use and some minor drinking of water (which is ineffective anyway, since I was already clean at that point). I am only here to post statistics to add to a database of results. Not everyone can be a saint their whole lives, and for those who are anxious of their past coming to haunt them, understanding the facts and relative ranges of detection for these drug tests save many good people a lot of stress. I dont see how you have the nerve to suspect me of any current or future behavior because of past behavior, but the more power to you.

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