420 party at my house, ideas?

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by kneelforneal, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. kneelforneal

    kneelforneal New Member

    So 420 is coming up. And its on a tuesday, boo.

    But besides that, I've been thinking of having a little get together with my herb-lighting friends.

    We usually have to go in the woods way down in the middle of nowhere to smoke, and since my mom has recently told me that shes fine with marijuana, I want to let everyone relax and feel safe in a house.

    I havent been smoking long, so I dont have a lot of "supplies", as in bongs and rolling papers or anything. All I have is my sister's glass bowl. I know some of my friends have some, though.

    Anyways, my question is, should I just ask everyone to try and bring what they can, including weed?

    And also, what kind of shit should I buy, as in shit to do?
    My mom told me to have a bonfire in the backyard when we smoke, to cover it up, but I know we wont be outside the whole time. All I have is a Wii (with wii fit), and a pool table and a air hockey table in the garage.
  2. FunkySkunky

    FunkySkunky Gentille, allouette

    Sounds like the makings of a good time already! I would invest in some simple materials to make a large hookah type smoking device. My friends made an eight hose, water filtered bong/hookah out of a water cooler tank, some plastic tubing, aluminum pipe and tinfoil. Make sure you got tons of nugget and some good friends, and let the good times roll!
  3. gonzo428

    gonzo428 New Member

    I went to a party once and the host went around and served joints on a platter like a butler serving appetizers at a wedding. It was a hilarious idea and it ended up being a good time!
  4. jdogg2112

    jdogg2112 Sr. Member

    Definitely ask people to bring whatever they're comfortable bringing. It will only make the party better to have more weed, more food, and more smoking devices. Don't give somebody a hard time if they don't want to bring their $400 bong, though. I wouldn't want to either.

    What you end up doing kind of depends on how many people are there. 35 people can't play pool at the same time, but 4 can :)
  5. kneelforneal

    kneelforneal New Member

    I can't imagine more than 20 people here, even 15.
  6. vapking410

    vapking410 New Member

    Sounds like something I need to do soon....

    But to answer your question yea that already sounds good the best part of MJ u dont need much. I remember when we had large groups smoking and didnt have anything and was having fun telling stories and just chilling out. But its crucial you got enough weed and some fun bongs;)
  7. 024

    024 Sr. Member

    Yes 420 is a time for celebration, tell them to bring whatever they can, rollies, blunts, bong, weed. Its a time to share :p And have the biggest session in your life.
  8. PepeTheMano

    PepeTheMano New Member

    When high, everything is fun :D

    Don't worry too much big guy.
  9. Grass-Smoka

    Grass-Smoka 303% Acid

    I would only invite good friends. And by that, I mean friends that won't go there just to get fucked up, but to spend it with you and chill. I could imagine people going there thinking: "free weed, bongs, rolling papers and so many distracted people!" Yeah, that's just me but it should be a great time! Enjoy :mj2:

    Oh, and yeah it's a bummer that 420 falls on a Tuesday :p
  10. CrayzStoner

    CrayzStoner New Member

    Try to keep a small group of people together....you wouldnt want any run ins with the cops. Try not to be too loud but other than than have a good time :)

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