420 Show Conference in Denver Colorado

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    Alongside Joe, Bill Carrington with billberryfarms ( http://www.cannabisni.com/books/1957-the-king-of-nepal-joseph-r-pietri ) will kindly be educating us on the fascinating and useful world of tissue culturing. Also Zam from Origin Organics will be conversing on what sets Origin Organics aside from most other seed companies.

    will also be provided to all red card holders care of Origin Organics.
    In addition to the discussions, the event will be entertaining a large raffle with some awesome products donated from O’kiefe, Dr. Jays medicinal edibles and Skunk Magazine will all be supplying raffle worth over $3000 dollars worth of products. A concert will be held after the event at 7 PM and will be promoted by Green Leaf Music Productions.


    Get your Tickets:http://thekindlovemarketingnetwork.grou.ps/people/qibvyzmdfdramiiqj

    <a href="http://thekindlovemarketingnetwork.grou.ps/people/qibvyzmdfdramiiqj" rel="nofollow">420 Show in Colorado</a>


    <a href="http://thekindlovemarketingnetwork.grou.ps/people/qibvyzmdfdramiiqj" rel="dofollow">420 Show in Colorado</a>

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