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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by mrbig012, Jul 11, 2005.

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    I recently took a urine test (Friday-8 JUL) at a hospital for my probation officer (court's lab was down.) I got the results back today, and the lady from the hospital told me I tested positive for THC (49ng/ml.) I know the paper litmus test or whatever has a cut off of 50 ng/ml, which is, from what I am told, the type of test a PO will do (litmus.) So now I am waiting for word from my PO to tell me if I have to go to jail for the night or not. I am wondering if 49 ng/ml will be enough to put me in jail or not. And if they try to, whether or not I should say it was second hand smoke (pry not) or to say I have been consuming hemp seed oil for medicinal purposes. Any input on if I should be spending the night in jail, or if I should try to feed my PO a line of bs?

    For the record, QCARBO w/ Advanced Herbal Clean($49.99) was used for this test. Worked to an extent, seeing as I am a chronic smoker and have been for the past 5 or so years, smoking mostly all day long. It got my ng/ml down, but not low enough. Some other things that contributed to my failure: no exercise, slow-to-moderate metabolism, about a 19% bodyfat content. 6', 200lbs
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    A Count of 49ng/mL sounds like a GC/MS score. THe cutoff for GC/MS is 15ng/mL, and the second hand smoke won't hold water either. Wish it were better news.
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    Hempseed oil ?

    I've read a few articles saying that all-natural Hemp seed oil can contribute to minimal THC levels in your urine. Courts mostly do the paper test, and that is a 50ng/ml cutoff. So I figured I would try and get away with saying that I had been using that... but, looks like luck is already on my side. No call from proby, and they've had the results for more than 24 hours. Thx for replying N2.

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