62 days off, 2 weeks on, How long before I'm clean?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by MOXJO7282, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. MOXJO7282

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    Here's my profile:
    Smoked every day for years - 1/8 - 1/4 oz/week good commericial

    Stopped for 62 days waiting for job offer, which never came.

    Smoked every day for 2 weeks - avg 5 hits a day through water bong.

    Now job offer comes. Probably wont get tested until 8/1, maybe 8/15.

    That would give me 25 or 40 days clean.

    At the 25th day of the first 62 tested positive on home test without any dulition.

    I work out vigoriously 4 times a week cardio/running/weight training.

    Do have some body fat.

    Plan on working out every day until test.

    What do you think of my chances?

  2. IamN2pot

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    Take another home test about 7/25, then decide if you need to do something, what course you'll take. Both substitution and dilution are linked to in my signature. N2
  3. melanotaenia

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    well some points: first of all, you tested positive the first time because you had smoked a good amount for a good period of time.
    The 62 days you quit put your baseline near 0 (cannabanoid content in your body aka. THC)
    Two weeks smoking, you got a good dose of THC, but nothing near the levels you were probably retaining prior to quitting the first time.

    At 25 days, you could pass with dilution, but I would IBID N2 on the testing yourself. Go to EBAY and order tests off there, you can get them for under 5 dollars each and are a lot cheaper than the 30 dollar ones at the drugstore. Do not work out the day of the test.

    Keep up the exercise, stick to low fat high fiber diet, drink plenty of water but don't overdo it (the recommended allowance is 6-16oz glasses per day).
    Your chances look good, but you would be much safer on the 40 day clean time IMO.

    Home tests will know for sure.
    Cheers..........happy detoxing!

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