7 grams. How big?

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    Alright...im lookin to buy 1/4th pretty soon and 1/4th is about 7 grams, correct? But seeing as I dont buy my bud very often (my best friend had like an endless supply because of his father, but unfortunately his mom caught him and he has to quit for a while) I was wondering if anyone could give me a fairly good idea of about how much 7 grams is, in size.

    Maybe take a picture of 7 grams of your bud and compare it to a quarter or give me an example like "the size of 5 AA batteries" I dont know.

    But it would really help because I want to manage my marijuana use and I would like to estimate how long it would last.

  2. Ryan Fa Sho

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    If you are planning to buy some tell your dealer to bring his scale, any legitimate dealer has a scale, and it shouldn't be a problem if he isn't trying to rip you off.

    If you just want to monitor how much you are smoking every session then I guess you can try to "eye" it out but it wont be exact. A gram usually looks two kind of big nugs. couldnt find an exact picture though =[
  3. troublemaker420

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    seven grams is EXACTLY 7 times the size of a gram!~hope that helps!! :cool: Seriously though, thats a difficult question to answer. I've had 1/4s that look huge, and I've had ozs so compressed I could easily hold them in a fist. A scale is your best friend. Without one, its virtually imposible to find out exactly how much a bag weighs
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  4. JBone

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    thats the best thing to do. theres no way to tell for sure how much you're getting without a scale because buds come in different densities and moisture is also a factor, i can usually tell its a 1/4 because the buds fit nicely into my mugs, which are like 300mL i think.

    go to the Arts/Photography section and look at the thread "Post Your Buds/Kif/Joints/Blunts/Hash" look through some of those pics and you will find a lot of people with 1/4's.
  5. pkster8235

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    It's really hard to tell. Marijuana can come in a variety of densities.. it can look like a gram but really be two.. or look like a gram but only be half of a gram. It all depends on how heavy it is.. whether it busts up a lot after you grind it or not. The only real way to tell is to weigh it out .. that is until you get an eye/feel for what a gram looks and feels like.
    If I am ever in doubt I just ask myself, am I happy with what I got vs.what I paid? If the answer is yes I don't sweat it. Or just weigh it out. You can get a decent scale for a good price.. You could even ask the dealer to weigh it out in front of you. Most are cool with this, since they weigh it out anyway.
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  6. SpiralArchitect

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    As others have said, the only way to really tell is a scale.

    Depending on the density of the buds you could expect a sandwhich ziplock bags entire base full, and up to an inch and a half of 'thickness' in your bag... I hope that makes sense... :chokin:

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