72 hours of hell. What I did to prepare for a Hair Follicle Test. (I Passed)

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    My Bio and usage history:
    I’m a white male, 44 years’ old about 175 lbs, and medium brown hair. No previous hair treatment.
    I have been token almost daily for many years, with breaks of a week or two during dry spells.
    No other drugs, a pack a day of cigarettes.
    After 9 years on the job, I got laid off on February 24. This new job offer came on Monday April 6. I accepted the contract over the phone. A mention of drug test came up on phone. I hoped for urine test. I have experience with this kind of test.
    On April 7 the HireRight 5 Panel Hair Test arrived in the mail. I freaked!
    By test day on April 9, would only have 3 days clean.

    Here is what I did:
    1) Stop smoking (I would only be 3 days clean)
    2) Go to internet and order Toxin Wash (Deep clean shampoo) and Zydot package (it comes with shampoo, purifier, conditioner) – overnight FedEx.
    3) Go to internet forums and educate myself.
    4) Start scrubbing my head

    General knowledge I gained from internet.
    Three popular methods are floating around.
    1. Jerry G Method – Beach/Redye 3 times , baking soda paste, and Toxin Wash, Zydot kit.
    2. Maccugo Method – Vinegar, T/SAL, Clean and Clear Astringent w/ Toxin Wash.
    3. Ldavisa Method - Shampoo w/ Aloe, Bleach, and Hydrogen peroxide then ZyDot kit.

    ldavisas method worked for him, but he did not mention in his usage history my favorite smoke.

    Maccugo’s method does work for some, but I think as Jerry G says, maybe less these days with the lowering of the levels tested for to produce a positive (2003).

    Jerry G’s method seems the most modern and promising method. But, calls for 3 bleach/redyes. I only had 3 days to prepare. He recommends spreading these over a couple of weeks, with the last as close to test day as possible.

    My analysis:
    Again as Jerry G pointed out, Maccugo is ACID (High PH), The Toxin Wash instructions use baking soda as does the bleach/redye all the opposite of ACID (LOW PH). People have stated ACID closes the cuticle, ALKALI opens, we want to open I think.
    The Federal standard for positive test result was lowered around 2003.
    EDTA found in these powerful shampoos works best for drugs other than THC.
    Propylene Glycol is ideal for cleaning out THC found in my favorite smoke.

    My general conclusion:
    It seems the harshest and most damaging routines gain the best results. I need Propylene Glycol.

    I decided to do all three in some form or fashion.

    April 7

    Maccugo Method as follows:
    Washed with Tide Ultra liquid laundry detergent.
    Rinsed out with tap water
    I used a large mixing bowl, about 6 quarts so I could soak my head (in bathtub with head upside down in bowl for several steps.
    Soaked head and scrubbed with distilled white vinegar.
    With vinegar still in squirted some Clean and Clear Astringent (pink bottle), and scrubbed.
    Rinsed with tap water.
    Washed with Neutrogena T/Sal Therapeutic Shampoo-Active Ingredient 3% Salicyclic Acid.
    Conditioned with Willow Creek Conditioner – Propylene Glycol is ingredient number 4.

    Jerry G’s Method – Bleach/Redye number 1
    Went to “The Hair Cuttery” and got a full bleaching and redyed to my same color - medium brown.

    I tried ldavisa method of a shampoo w/aloe and a teaspoon of bleach and a teaspoon of Hydrogen peroxide.
    I found some wallpaper Stripper (Zinsser, DIF liquid concentrate) that is high in Proplene Glycol (it’s the second ingredient.)
    Also I found some Aloe Vera gel that listed Propylene Glycol as 3rd ingredient.
    I would squeeze a little Aloe Gel into my large bowl of wallpaper stripper and soak and scrub with it.
    NOTE: After all this only 4-5 hours after my Redye – my hair went from its medium brown to a dark reddish color. WHO CARES ABOUT COLOR.

    April 8

    Another modified Maccugo Method using the wallpaper stripper and aloe mix after vinegar and T/Sal wash, Just like last night.
    Washed with Paul Mitchell clarifying shampoo three – has EDTA in it, but way down on ingredient list. I bought this yesterday at The Hair Cuttery.

    Jerry G Method – Bleach/Redye number 2
    Another Beach/ReDye from “The Hair Cuttery”
    This time she used a stronger bleaching developer (she said) and I got a shade darker in the redye after yesterdays experience with the red color.

    Stopped the ACID Maccugo routine.
    I washed with TIDE
    Rinced with tap water.
    Baking soda and distilled water mix – not paste, but a lot of baking soda. Maybe half a cup of baking soda in a quart or two of water.
    Rinsed and scrubbed in the baking soda water.
    Soaked and scrubbed in my wallpaper stripper with Aloe gel.
    Washed with tide again
    Rinsed with tap water
    Rinsed in baking soda water again
    Washed with Toxin Wash. Scrubbed for 10 minutes.
    Rinsed with Distilled water.

    That’s two TOXIN washes.
    I conditioned with my Willow Creek Conditioner
    Rinsed with tap water.
    Later that night, I could not sleep (TEST tomorrow) I trimmed my pits, and chest. I did not shave just trimmed.
    NOTE: My hair again lost some of its dye from the Hair Cuttery and was a dark red or auburn color. (My natural color WAS dark brown)

    April 9 – TEST DAY

    Repeat of last nights evening routine – here it is again below.
    NOTE: One this test day, I used a brand new, uncontaminated comb and clean towels.
    I washed with TIDE Ultra liquid laundry detergent
    Rinsed with tap water.
    Baking soda and distilled water mix – not paste, but a lot of baking soda. Maybe half a cup of baking soda in a quart or two of water.
    Rinsed and scrubbed in the baking soda water.
    Soaked and scrubbed in my wallpaper stripper with Aloe gel.
    Washed with tide again
    Rinsed with tap water
    Rinsed in baking soda water again
    Washed with Toxin Wash. Scrubbed for 10 minutes.
    Rinsed with Distilled water.
    This time after the two TOXIN Washes, I applied the ZyDot Ultra Clean Routine as follows:
    Wet hair with tap water.
    Shampoo with ½ of Zydot Shampoo.
    Scrub and let sit for six minutes.
    Rinse with water.
    Apply all of the PURIFIER and massage into scalp.
    Let sit in for 6 minutes.
    Rinse with water
    Apply second half of ZyDot shampoo and scrub and sit 6 minutes.
    Rinse with water
    Towel dry hair a little and apply all of conditioner
    Distribute evenly and comb though ( the comb thru part was hard with my battered hair)
    The ZyDot instructions says to rinse out the conditioner.
    I did a light rinse, but left some conditioner in and comb in well.

    Light blow dry and head out to take my test.

    AT the testing center.
    Even though some third party collection lab did the collection of hair, the lab would be Psychedics. I could see this on my FedEx’d form that I brought to the collection place.

    I filled out some generic forms and presented my ID card.
    The nurse gave my my choice of head, pits, chest, or legs.
    UM, UM…... I selected head.
    She said she loved my hair color – OH MY GOD! Thanks I said, my mom had red hair and my dad had brown I told her.
    She took her sample from the back left crown of my head.
    I signed the collection pouch and went home.
    The nurse said the results would be sent to my employer within 3 to 5 days.
    I could feel the little stubble from the collection point; they do not pull out your root. They cut it right up to the skin, just a little stubble.
    I thought they might take it from this location, I scrubbed back there extra good earlier.

    Now that the test is over, I still did one last thing.
    This harsh treatment after the bleach re-dye would leave my hair this dark reddish brown color. It was not that bad, but I had a meeting to sign my contract and other paperwork to fill out later this day. The girl I had met with before might think it is strange my hair was medium brown now dark red. She knew I was returning from the Hair Follicle test.

    I went to the store and bought L’Oreal Excellence To-Go 10 minute colorant.
    I selected the color 5G medium golden brown.

    Even though this one was only ten minutes (the previous bleaching and re-dyes would be 45 minutes or so) this burned like hell, but I stuck it out for no less than 10 minutes. The Excellence To-Go 10 minute colorant also came with a conditioner that was used and rinsed out.

    Now it’s a darker brown, but still reddish when the sun hits it. It’s ok though.
    I went to my meeting and the girl was staring at my head. It was like a war zone on my head. I have some scabbing and it is very soar.

    Cost to this point. Around $350.00 USD

    Now I wait for the results! April 14, 2009 – I get a call – I Passed!

    Products used during this experiment:

    TOXIN WASH www.toxinwash.com
    ZyDot Ultra Clean www.zydot.com
    Neutrogena T/Sal Therapeutic Shampoo
    Johnson & Johnson Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent
    Lamaur Willow Lake Conditioner (I have had this on my shelf for years)
    Paul Mitchell Clarifing Shampoo Three
    Rite Aid Pure Aloe Gel, 99.7% pure (This has been on my shelf awhile)
    Distilled White Vinegar
    2XUltra Tide laundry detergent – regular scent
    Ultra Clorox Bleach - regular
    Zinsser DIF wallpaper stripper liquid concentrate
    Baking Soda
    Hydrogen Peroxide
    Distilled Water – 2 gallons
    L’Oreal Excellence To-Go 10 minute colorant
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    Very Expensive!! Though well worth it if it worked for you. I think for most that would be overkill though, still very good info.
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    gotta spend money to make money
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    How to pass a hair and urine test.....

    Everyone – With this post, we intend to utilize our science and organic chemistry knowledge to describe a process that can rapidly eliminate THC metabolites from your system. First and foremost, this IS NOT a sales pitch nor are we stating that other methods (like the maccujo method) won’t work. The following method can be used in conjunction with the maccujo method or can performed by itself.
    This method DID WORK for both our test subjects by itself, without utilizing any other method (also requires less effort and no damage to hair). Very close friends of ours, with families to support, (and really in need of employment) asked us to post in this forum after we helped them.

    (some probably already know this)
    THC-COOH is one of the metabolites tested for by drug-screen labs. THC-COOH is the main metabolite of THC which is formed in the body after Cannabis is consumed. THC-COOH is formed in the body by oxidation of the active metabolite 11-Hydroxy-THC by liver enzymes. We all know that our bodies store the THC-COOH metabolite in fat cells and that our liver functions will eventually clear these metabolites from our system.

    This next paragraph will get somewhat technical, but stay with us for a minute.

    How THC-COOH is eliminated from your system
    Our bodies eliminate THC-COOH by a process called ‘glucuronidation’. Glucuronidation (which occurs mainly in the liver) is the conversion of chemical compounds to glucuronides, a method that animals (including humans) use to excrete toxic substances, drugs, or other substances that cannot be used as an energy source. A glucuronide is any substance produced by linking glucuronic acid to another substance via a glycosidic bond. Glucuronic acid is attached via a glycosidic bond to the substance, and the resulting glucuronide, which has a much higher water solubility than the original substance, is eventually excreted by the kidneys.

    So by increasing the amount of Glucuronic acid in your system, you will speed up the elimination of the THC-COOH metabolite.

    So how do you increase Glucuronic acid in your system?

    Maybe others can help with this, but about the only substance we know of that contains Glucuronic acid (and can be consumed by humans) is the fermented tea drink known as ‘kombucha’. Please note that we DO NOT sell, nor have any gain from selling kombucha. You can make it at home.

    Detox Process for both HAIR and URINE drug screens.
    For most people, this following process should work to eliminate THC-COOH metabolites from your system.

    : To pass a THC urine screen, drink as much kombucha as your system will allow, for as many days as you can prior to testing. That’s about it. Warning: Please read the ‘Health Claims’ on the consumption of kombucha listed below.

    HAIR TEST: To pass a THC hair screen, mix kombucha with 100% pure PEG (Propylene Glycol) and soak your hair in it for about 10-20 minutes. PEG is needed to deliver the glucuronic acid into the hair cortex. Then rinse your hair with just about any shampoo (we used one with 3% salicylic acid). Perform this soak and rinse at least twice per day for as many days as you can prior to testing. Note: 100% pure PEG is hard to find, but we did find one source on eBay (http://cgi.ebay.com/Polyethylene-Glycol-100-Pure-Net-Weight-10-grams_W0QQitemZ200436110245QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item2eaaec53a5) for about $10. Just mix the PEG up with warm distilled water using as little warm water as possible to fully dilute the PEG. Also, follow the ‘URINE TEST’ process above by drinking kombucha as much as your system will allow.

    Test Subject#1 Profile:
    ·Heavy Use (1-oz per week) for 10+ years
    ·Male, 50+ years
    ·6’ tall; and 205 lbs (somewhat overweight, but not obese)
    ·Brown hair, length of 3-inches (top of head) and 1.5-inches (sides and back of head)
    ·Passed both urine and hair screens without smoking for about 1-week.

    Test Subject#2 Profile:
    ·Moderate-Heavy Use (.25 - .5 oz per week) for 3+ years
    ·Female, 45+ years old
    ·5’ 6” tall; and 145 lbs (somewhat overweight, but not obese)
    ·Shoulder length brown hair
    ·Passed both urine and hair screens without smoking for about 1-week.

    We DO NOT advocate the use of illegal drugs by anyone, but personally, and in our opinion only, we think that the ‘stress’ created by pending drug screens takes a much worse toll on your system than THC ever could.

    We’ll post this onto several locations within this forum, and please pass this on to other forums that you’re aware of. [Mod note: This one post is enough. Crossposting in other threads is against the rules. Please refrain from doing so.]

    Good luck to everyone!!

    ‘Kombucha’ Health Claims (from Wikipedia)
    A review of the published literature on the safety of kombucha suggests no specific oral toxicity in rats, although it has also been shown to increase the size of both the liver and spleen in mice. While no randomized case-controlled studies have been published in humans, several unsubstantiated reports have suspected liver damage, metabolic acidosis and life-threatening toxicity. Other reports suggest that care should be taken when taking medical drugs or hormone replacement therapy while regularly drinking kombucha. It may also cause allergic reactions. Other health claims may be due to the simple acidity of the drink, possibly influencing the production of stomach acids or modifying the communities of microorganisms in the GI tract.
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    i am using some of these methods. thANKS
  6. ripgriggs

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    since i have a similar situation like u

    i am going to use allot from your method

    i am 5'8 155, dark black hair short, 27 years old. i have smoked everyday for years. i cant even remember the last time i even had a dry spell. and i hit waterfall bong hits daily morning noon and night. so i consider myself a heavy smoker, and being from nor cal, the weed out here is very potent. and i rarely smoke mid grade.

    i stopped smoking on tuesday of last week. so i have had about 4 days clean.

    i expect my test to be on monday or tuesday of this coming week. so i am looking at a total of 6 or 7 days clean.

    i still need to find some toxin wash and some zydot, and i cant order online till monday.

    so i am praying i can put the test back until later next week. but i am not sure if i am going to be able to .

    anything you can add?
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    very interesting. wish i had some 100% Propylene Glycol

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