A happy story... yeah cowboys smoke too

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by grifty51, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. grifty51

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    So there I was, freshman in college and avid pot smoker since sophmore year in high school. At the time I was on the college rodeo team on scholarship for bullriding. Needless to say cowboys like to drink and party hard. My partying opened up alot of social doors and I found a great group of fellow smokers who I loved rolling with. One night after a tough two day event up in Sydney Montana I was really sore and a bit down because I hadn't even gotten a score the whole weekend. My smoking friends decided I needed a pick-me-up so they took me to a concert up in Billings MT at a club called Club 16. On the way up we smoked a couple of blunts to start the night off right. It was brickweed, but the town was dry so you smoke what you can get right? Anyways we all had fake ids and it occured to me that I hadn't even asked who was performing. It turned out affro man was the headliner! I nearly shit myself! After a couple of opening acts Affro Man came on and did a killer show! In between sets I was sitting at the bar talking to the guy sitting next to me and having a couple of drinks when he asked me what the hell a cowboy was doing at an Affroman show. I went into detail about how I had been down with smoking for years and how Affroman was the shit, you know just some small talk stuff. Actually I now realize that I failed to mention that I was really cowboyed up at the time. Hat, boots and a buckle the size of a dinner plate. At any rate after i finished my shpiel to this guy about Affroman. He introduced himself as the mans road mannager and asked if I wanted to go to the vip after the show and meet Affroman. Of course I said hell yeah! to make a long story short, after the show I went upstairs and wandered in to a room with all red lights loud music and smoke literally pouring from the door when I opened it. I was drunk by this time and didn't realize that when I sat down on a couch in the room I was sitting literally two feet away from Affroman himself!!!!! No bullshit! I got a WTF look from everyone in the room and thought I was going to get bounced when Affroman says "Hey whiteboy, you wanna hit this shit?" Of course i nearly jumped out of myseat when he passed me a blunt of the sweetest shit I had ever smoked. Although I am loathe to admit it that stuff put my dick in the dirt and an hour later I woke up in the back seat of a car on the way back home. I dont know what happened in the intervening time at least I can say that I had a hell of a time and probably one of the best smoking stories amongest my friends.
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    That is hella tight.
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    Hahaha, the way I KNOW this story is true is because what he said to you when you were in the VIP.
    "Hey whiteboy, you wanna hit this shit?"
    If you listened to his music you'd know that is definatly something he would say. Man this is a great story, and completely legit so nice one man. Shoulda had him sign a box of blunts.
  4. Sam_Stone

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    Tight, you had me at they give scholarships for bullriding.
  5. grifty51

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    I have to admit the scholarships arent that big but hey gotta take what you can get right?
  6. grifty51

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    I definitely would have liked to talk to him more, but like I said the drinking combined with the sweet sensi just took me out. speaking of which does any one else have trouble mixing drinking with smoking? I don't try and combine the two anymore because it just seems to put me right out and that to me is just a waste of booze AND grass which in my book is not cool.
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    I don't drink anymore at all, but when I did, I never had any issues smoking and drinking together, and did both most nights....a typical night would ential smoking a bowl, going to the bars, drinking for a few hours, going on "break" with my buddy who was bartending and smoking a couple bowls or a joint, drinking til the bar closed, and smoking another bowl at home or an after-bar party. Some people can't smoke after they've been drinking, or can't drink after they smoked, but for me, doing both at literally the same time never caused problems, other than getting fucked up, which was what I was trying to accomplish all along
  8. grifty51

    grifty51 New Member

    I really dont know why it affects me so much because Im not really a light weight with either, but a feather weight when i combine the two. Congats btw on quiting drinking. I my self have cut back considerably now that i grow my own product and have a steady supply.
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    Not the post, but your caption...

    Man I love your caption under your posts....Makes you sound like you're best friends with your God...That's cool!

  10. ptpab

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    hey sick story, living in MT we don't get that many big Muscians to come here but when afroman came it was off the hook. speaking of your story DMX also came to Billings for a concert and one of my friends was his driver for the night and he has a pic of him and X smoking a phat blunt in good ol Billings MT.
  11. ptpab

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    Here's one of the pics he sent me of him and DMX
  12. Zandijuana

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    I lol'd when I read this, that would be so fucking awesome, ahahah. A whole bunch of these Afromen black guys(no racial comments intended) and then this cowboy white guy just sits down on the couch next to Afroman out of nowhere. "Hey whiteboy, wanna hit this shit?". Hahah, shits so funny
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    Sounds like a nice night to me.
  14. Yea man that is sweet, Its even more awsome that he was so freely offering you the blunt with you being a perfect stranger and all. Well I must say I wasn't even there but I will remember it fo sho. Great story man!

    and we all know that lifted you spirits. hahaha you were fucking flyin in the clouds


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