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    I have been a member of the sub club for a few years, always relying on the goodwill of friends that don't partake. Well, this time that wasn't going to work. I was given 24 hrs notice of a preemployment test last week Wednesday (its now the following Thursday). I had no one I could get to sub before the lab closed the next day so i went to my friendly neighborhood adult store. i knew i didnt want to try a drink, i am a big girl and a diabetic and most of those drinks have way too much sugar for me to handle. the cashier offered me a synthetic, which i had heard a lot about but wasn't sure if it could be trusted. given my lack of time though, i figured i would take a shot.

    once i got home, i googled for the product and was very disappointed by the lack of info anywhere! the company doesn't even have a website!!! (who the hell doesn't have a website nowadays????) i saw a couple of posts on here, both claiming mixed results. the store has a no return policy and i wasn't risking my blood sugar so i figured i would give it a shot and see what happened.

    so, i drive out to the site, stopping at a close by gas station to nuke it up. 15 secs and it was at 100 degrees. i was SO nervous, when i attached the heat pack, i forgot to activate it!! i was at the test site by the time i realized it and the bottle was down to 94 degrees. [​IMG] so i do a quick shake and wait a few mins. the temp starts to go up, so i jock it in my bra and go on in.

    so, there i sit, nervous as hell. i swear it was about 20 minutes even though the place was empty. i go back, so nervous i am seriously about to pee my pants. i went in and peed while i filled the cup. the lady at the shop had told me there was enough for at least two tests but the examiner told me to fill to the "4" line. it took the whole bottle. thankfully the temp was right on the mark at 98 degrees but it was NEON YELLOW!!! i took one look and was like "fuck". but i had no choice, i had to turn it in.
    so i go out, complete the paperwork, and go. i could tell by the look she gave me she thought it was bunk. all i could think was that i failed.

    so, the weekend goes by...no word at all. instead of getting more reassured, i start getting more and more nervous. tearing through websites, asking other smokers what they think. i know its boner move #1 to call and ask about the test, so i just sat and waited on pins and needles.

    finally, yesterday (Wednesday), i had to call my recruiter because not all of my background check was done yet. i tell her well, i just want to make sure everything is set for Friday,. as I am suppose to start tomorrow. She happily replys that everything came back fine, she has all my paperwork, the background check and the drug screen and i could feel fine with starting on friday.


    so, there you go. i just wanted to post cause like i said, theres nothing really out there about this product and i didnt want others freaking out like i had to do. subclub saves another one!!

    ETA: BTW the test was sent to lapcorp and my sample was from WI.

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