A (Somewhat) Comprehensive Review of TestClear.com

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by anonymous420user, Feb 1, 2012.

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    Hi Everyone,

    So I know a lot of you (me included) have been asking about powdered urine from www.testclear.com. I wanted to evaluate my purchase from them and explain what I found. I'm going to cover the product, application, and what my at-home testing analysis discovered. I hope that this helps others.

    TestClear.com sells a powdered urine kit that they claim is 100% natural, clean urine. It comes in powdered form and must be disolved in water. Here's what's included:

    • 1 vial of 100% human powder urine
    • 1 larger vial for mixing and transport. This vial includes an adhesive temperature strip for ensuring correct sample temp (90-99 degrees)
    • 1 packet of two individual hand/toe warmers.
    The instructions are quite simple: open the vial of powderd urine and dump it into the mixing/transport vial. Fill the mixing/transport vial to the top with tap water. Screw on lid and shake vigorously to disolve all particles. Apply hand/toe warmer to side of vial (opposite temp strip) to achieve desired temp. Sneak transport vial into test facility and deposit into specimen collection cup. Nothing to it! Or is there?
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    Let's evaluate the first two steps. Mixing and heating.

    Step #1:
    Dump the powdered urine into the larger vial, fill with water, and disolve. In my evaluation, I found that dumping the powdered urine into the *dry* mixing/transport vial caused it to turn into a solid chunk after adding water. This is due to the transport vial coming to a point on the bottom, vs. being flat. After 2 minutes of vigorous shaking, there were still solid "balls" of powder floating around in the water.

    After adding the water, if you have clumps floating around, a toothpick works well to break them up. You can then continue to shake vigorously until they disolve. Another suggestion is to fill the mixing vial with a bit of water first, then add the powder, and then fill the rest of the way.

    Step #2:
    Apply the hand/toe warmer to get urine to acceptable temperature. The directions indicate that the included hand warmers should be open only when ready to use. This is very important. The hand warmers activate when brought into contact with air. Once activated, they will last NO LONGER than 6 hours. They are adhesive on one side to allow one to stick to the transport vial. It is also critical to apply it to the side opposite the temp strip (on the transport vial) to ensure accurate readings.

    I found the hand warmers to be inadequate. When using room temp water, it takes an enormously long time to get the sample up to acceptable ranges. My recommendation would be to either 1) use warmer water to start, making sure that it isn't too hot or 2) go out and purchase extra hand warmers and start warming up well before your test. In my analysis, it took approximately 1.3 hours for the included hand warmers to warm the sample up to begin registering on the temp strip (91 degrees). I would suggest going into the test with a temp around 94-96 degrees.

    This post includes a picture of the urine in the transport vial with an attached hand warmer.

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    Many of you have asked about the way the powdered urine looks and smells. I'd like to talk about my opinions on that here. Bottom line, I was quite impressed.

    The sample, once mixed, looks very much like urine. In my opinion, it could be a bit darker, but overall it looks exactly what urine "should" look like.

    As for smell - yes, it does smell like urine. It is not over-powering, but is it has a recognizable smell of urine.

    As for looks - this is where I was pessimistic. Urine is bubbly. When shaken up in a container, it bubbles tremendously. TestClear also bubbled very nicely.

    After pouring your sample into the specimen cup, give it a slight swirl before walking out of the bathroom to the technician. This will certainly help it bubble up and look identical to the real thing.

    Attached is a picture of the sample poured from the transport vial into a specimen cup that I have. I can also say that the specimen amount visually looks like a "good amount" and is above the federally mandated sample amount requirements.

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    The Proof is in the Pudding. So how did it work?

    For my analysis, I used 1 TestClear kit, however, I split up the powder between two samples. Becasue I am using at-home testing methods, there is no need for me to waste the entire sample in order to have "enough". This allowed me to mix one hald of the sample with tap water, and the other half with bottled water. Keep in mind I ensured that the water to powder ratios were correct and accurate (math rules).

    Tap water vs. bottled water - no difference. Validity tests showed no difference between using tap water and bottled water. Obviously tap water will have a different chemical composition in different geographies. Use whatever you want. It will not matter.

    So what did the validity tests indicate? The specimen was valid. Here are the results:

    Creatinine (mg/dL): 100
    Nitrite (mg/dL): Negative
    Glutaraldehyde: Negative
    pH: 4.0
    Specific Gravity (SG): 1.015
    Oxidant/PCC: Negative

    Attached is a picture of an at home test strip for THC, 50 Ng/mL. As you can clearly see, there is a very nice line indicating a negative test result.

    Overall, I was very impressed by the kit and believe it will work very nicely for any unobserved, pre-employment (50Ng/mL cut-off) THC tests.

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  5. nosugartonite

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    Fyi, and I'm not dissing Test Clear, but after pulling off the sub without a hitch, the MRO deemed the sample as a "fatal flaw" and wouldn't test it. It seems this generally refers to clerical/mishandling errors, but hell when it'a coincidental to your own subbing, it makes one wonder. Test Clear has never heard of a fatal flaw, which makes me nervous in of itself regarding their knowledge. But like I said, that was just my unsatisfactory result and I have no idea why.
  6. thetruth

    thetruth Member

    you should of got a retest, fatal flaw means the person who took your piss messed up so you have to retake.
  7. thetruth

    thetruth Member

    if they spelled your name wrong or they got your SS number wrong. did you retest?
  8. nosugartonite

    nosugartonite New Member

    Hi thetruth, I haven't checked this forum for a while, thanks for replying. No I got spooked and never retested. There's a little more to it and was too nervous to return. I just wish I knew if testclear truly works. I understand your point on the fatal flaw, that's what I read as well. It still doesn't alleviate my wonder if the product works.
  9. Garcia95

    Garcia95 New Member

    Has anyone had success using TestClear in the past few months? I have not found much in the way of reviews or people mentioning a pass/fail test for pre-employment in 2014. Anyone have more information?
  10. Hank Chinaski

    Hank Chinaski New Member

    Will this suffice for mandated tests requested by the judicial assuming you are not accompanied while giving the sample? And as Garcia95 asked, has anyone else tried this before and can share their experience, successes, and or failures.

  11. Garcia95

    Garcia95 New Member

    I believe, from my research over the past week or so, that if it is an unsupervised test it is somewhat easy to substitute. Id really like more information though on TESTCLEAR users in the year 2014. I havnt found much in the way of reviews or anything and am very interested in using this product for a pre-employment test.

    Please, anyone out there with recent results, post your findings.
  12. Garcia95

    Garcia95 New Member

    still looking for answers/comments for this product
  13. Jacob Whitman

    Jacob Whitman New Member

    I agree. Two years is plenty of time for technology to catch up if this method was discovered since 2012. I have a drug test coming up and I'm hoping Testclear's product still works. Does anyone have experience passing a drug test using this method in 2014?

    This may not be the right thread to discuss this, but I was also wondering if anyone knows if Testclear's database of organizations who drug test is valid? Whenever I search a company and it returns a result, the post is time-stamped somewhere between 2001-2005. I've also confirmed that many companies in their database don't necessarily continue to administer pre-employment drug tests in 2014. Does anyone have any knowledge on the current accuracy of those posts? I asked their tech support and of course they just regurgitated some company line about users inputting data. It appears they have no incentive to take a company off the list once it is on there. Thoughts on this?
  14. m1Ke

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    I found like 2 or 3 early to mid 2013 testimonials but that's about it. Kind of weird to be honest. But generally people review products online when it doesn't work for them to rant about how much of wasted money it was. Maybe it works so well, they do a victory smoke/vape afterwards and the "F*ck it" of the THC kicks in and they forget to remind people it works like a charm.

    Edit: Just noticed all 6 reviews about the product on their website is in March/April of 2014. Probably fake since they're posted in days to over week from each other.
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  15. thetruth

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    I used test clear this year January 2014 and it work just fine. It's real pee people it pass a lab test. Keep in mind that this type of sub is not always full proof and should be used for randoms. If your taking a pre employment test use someone's clean pee!

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