A Way to Beat a Dogs Nose?

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by Amdro, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. Amdro

    Amdro New Member

    Is it possible to beat a dogs nose and carry MJ without alerting those drug sniffing mutts? I didn't think so but then I saw these bags:


    Anyone that watched Barry Coopers never get busted know that dog's can "smell through" alot. There was a bust he made where the gas tank of the car had been removed. The weed was sealed in PVC pipes, put into the gas tank, and the tank reattached and filled with gas. Coopers dog still smelled ganja "through" the gas tank, all the gas in it, and sealed PVC pipe. The guys were busted.

    But dogs can't smell through anything. The dog could smell the bud because smells permeate. When weed is put into a bag or container and sealed a dog can't smell what's inside the bag at first. But then the smells permeate through microscopic pores and soon enough the whole container including the outside smells like whats inside.

    But those bags I put the link to claim to be made of a non-permeable film and proven odor proof. If that is true a dog could have his faced pressed against the bag and not smell anything. I wish I could know for sure but I doubt there are any studies about how to odor proof your stash.

    So what do you think? Completely non-permeable and odor proof? Is it even possible to make 100% odor proof non-permeable containers? Would you trust your stash in these bags?
  2. chadwick

    chadwick Sr. Member

    its not possible, well i mean you could but you would have to make sure that not even the tiniest molecule of pot got on the outside of the bag, you could always bleach the outside of the bag but i wouldnt rely on it cause one day you wil miss that one spot that completely screws you, i thought 4 bags and a glass jar would contain the smell once
  3. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    Are you willing to test the claim? The reality of products making such claims is that the average person doesn't have a drug dog to test the concept with. By the time you have a chance to "test" it, you've already put yourself in a position to be arrested usually. I won't bet my freedom or even a sum of my money that this product is 100% effective, and I don't suggest anyone else does either
  4. StonedImmaculate21

    StonedImmaculate21 New Member

    Even the dog couldn't smell the pot through the bag, he or she could still smell it on you from handling it. As I understand, drug dogs (and most others, I presume) smell in parts per billion, and in multiple layers. Not very good odds there.
  5. BartSimpson

    BartSimpson Sr. Member

    Young adults are obsessed with drug dogs - it is a frequent topic here and the species-centric idea that our human sense of smell is like a dog's is a big part of the youthful ignorance. For really good information on this site - search for K9copper's posts.

    A couple of youthful examples from your post:

    Your original thinking was correct; odor-proof bags, tupperware, vacuum packing are all useless with a properly trained and certified drug dog.

    A dog's sense of smell is best described as in layers - this dog did not "smell through" anything - it smelled gasoline, pvc pipe, and MJ. Humans suffer from olfactory fatigue and we smell only the stongest smell. A drug dog smells it all, and looks at it like the walls of the Grand Canyon, trained to notice the red band of clay.

    Dogs smell in the parts-per-billion, usually around 4 or 5 ppb. That is 4 or 5 feet in 190 miles. If we relate this to the primary human sense (vision) it is like seeing a 5 foot man standing on the horizon 190 miles away. Dogs have specialized cells that detect substances to a molecular level in their nose.

    Marketing hype. I have to hand it to this company, they are well aware of how paranoid young adults are about drug dogs and how to take their money.

    May I introduce you to the most important method of keeping your stash from being discovered? Don't mix weed, vehicles and friends (the teenage trifecta); don't take it to school, don't put it in your luggage, and don't sneak it across the border. There are a lot of steps to prevent the discovery of your weed which are effective, some spiffy bag is not one of them.
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  6. Amdro

    Amdro New Member

    I understand that dogs cannot smell through anything and that they have specialized noses and smell every smell in the area not just one or 2 like humans.

    These bags aren't really meant to conceal possession of drugs or to aid traveling with or trafficking drugs. I actually found this after reading about bears attacking campers for their food and these bags were recommended to conceal food smell from bears. But when I saw odor proof bags I immediately wondered if they would be odor proof against dogs looking for bud as well as bears looking for food.

    I am well practiced in this method and it is definitely the best, and only way to guarantee, not getting busted. When I do have to drive with some(I really try not to but sometimes the dealer is far) I usually just try to make it small as possible and keep it within eating distance. The way I see it if a k9 cop pulls you over to look for drugs he's not stopping till he finds it or searches ever crevice in your car twice, even if the dog can't smell anything. Thats why if these bags work it would really only be good for traffickers who have crazy hiding spots like the guys who put it in the gas tank, because if the dog hadn't helped out do you really think the cops would have unscrewed a gas tank?

    Overall your post suggested that you think I'm some retarded kid who saw these bags and said "wow I'll order 20 of these ride with weed everywhere and not get caught!" I'm not claiming these bags work or even considering buying them. I just thought it was really interesting because I believe there is no way to fool a dogs nose. If the dog doesn't find the stash or false alerts it's the trainers and handlers fault not dogs, he smells everything just can't tell the handler.
  7. rmish06

    rmish06 New Member

    I hear you should keep a bag of dog food in your trunk, and put your stash somewhere.. Because wouldnt the cop just assume his barking and what not is from the dog food? orrr is that just wishful thinking..?
  8. feedyourhead

    feedyourhead Girly Girl

    doubt it, since a well-trained dog generally wouldn't get sidetracked by something like a bag of dog food...
  9. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    Wishful thinking...if that was a viable option, every drug dealer in America would be carrying Purina Puppy Chow everywhere they drove. A dog smells in layers, meaning it WILL smell the puppy chjow, along with yoor groceries from last week, as well as the bag of weed. Dogs are trained not to "indicate" on food items, only items smelling of illegal drugs. Dogs have a vareity of methods of indicating, and a simple bark at a bag of dog food doesn't mean the dog "hit" on it. Some are trained to jump up on the vehicle where the scent orignates, some bark, and others are trained to sit immediately upon coming into contact with the scent of drugs. The dog food idea is neiother original or effective, and would be used by everyone if there was any hope of it working
  10. StonedImmaculate21

    StonedImmaculate21 New Member

    I would think police dogs are trained to exercise a little more discipline than that. I don't know a lot about police dogs, but I'm sure they're trained to only respond that way to certain smells.

    EDIT: Damn, troublemaker beat me to it . . . and with better information.
  11. BartSimpson

    BartSimpson Sr. Member

    It's called playing to the bleachers, kid, and while you and I discuss this there are hundreds of young adults looking over our shoulder. Since you take it so personal, let me address my comments to the lurkers who are not offended.

    Young adults are obsessed with drug dogs, yet fail to follow basic practices to prevent getting busted. I am glad you are so smart, but some of the folks sitting in the bleachers are not as gifted as you.

    Feel Better?
  12. Amdro

    Amdro New Member

    You're right it was dumb of me to think of your post only as it applied to me. I should have pointed out before that these bags aren't proven to work and there is no substitute for being careful and not holding when you're in a car. Good looking out man.
  13. Burnin_Dro

    Burnin_Dro New Member

    pull a coolhand luke and spread curry powder all over your shit
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  14. BartSimpson

    BartSimpson Sr. Member

    Keeping you kids out of trouble (and off of my lawn).

    Funny you mention bears, who go by sight and rip the window out of a car because they see an empty ice-chest in the back seat - they are not motivated by smell like dogs but rather by sight like humans. Rodents, on the other hand, can be real bastards to deal with . . .
  15. phuzz01

    phuzz01 Sr. Member

    I train with my narcotics detection K9 on a frequent basis using vacuum sealed bags, glass jars, triple sullofane wrapping, and masking agents such as air fresheners, coffee grinds, laundry detergent, car air fresheners, etc. I also hide distracting items like food to make sure that my K9 does not hit on them.

    As far as wrapping techniques, the K9's sense of smell is extremely sensitive. If you handle a bag of marijuana, and then touch something, the K9 can detect the odor on the object that you touched. Even if you wear gloves, the odor is going to get on the outside of the vacuum sealed bag or mason jar. It may make it more difficult for the K9 to find it, but certainly not impossible.

    To the poster who suggested putting a bag of dog food in the trunk, that will make no difference whatsoever. For one thing, K9's are not trained to bark when they locate drugs. Passive alert dogs are trained to sit and stare at the location of the hide. Active alert dogs are trained to scratch at the location of the hide. So whether a K9 barks or not does not matter. But also, while the dog may be interested in certain odors (food, other animals, etc.), he will not give the specific trained response to that odor (i.e. sit or scratch). If my dog comes across a bag of food, he may sniff at it because he likes food. But he is not going to sit and then place his nose right on the bag when I tell him to "show me," because he has not ever been trained to do that.
  16. Darque Pervert

    Darque Pervert Jive Honkey

    That's not going to work, either. :rolleyes:
  17. Lit_Match

    Lit_Match New Member

    There is some serious underestimating of a trained dog's ability to detect the most microscopic traces of substances going on here.

    A trained police K9 is most often of the German Shepherd breed, there are other breeds of dog that can detect even finer scents (bloodhound for example), but they don't meet the standards needed by police as far as physical strength/speed and other activities required of them are concerned. Nevertheless, they possess a sense of smell hundreds of times more sensitive than a humans.

    There is only one way to prevent a trained K9 from picking up the scent of whatever it's trained to find, that is to have said substance contained in a near perfect vacuum with no residue on the outside of that container. Only in this instance does airflow not create a problem (in a near perfect vacuum air will always flow in, not out if there is a leak... at least for a time).

    Quite frankly, if you could detect scent as good as a dog can, you'd probably go insane.

    Imagine knowing exactly what a person had for lunch when they speak to you, what brand of soap they use, the last time they had "relations", if they have a disease, who the last person they shook hands with was, etc..

    For clarification. Stop Dog Behavior Problems by "Talkin' Dog"!: Dogs' Sense of Smell
  18. KaSuHit

    KaSuHit New Member

    I had 2 experiances with drug dogs

    once in hawaii. I had a couple grams of different strains wraped in multiple plastic bags and ducktaped beyond belief to my balls. dog walked right past me at the airport didn't bark or anything.

    2nd incedent was in highschool, I was smoking out of a basketball pump pin (that metal thing you stick in the Bball to inflate it) just seconds after lighting and inhaling and posibly exhaling don't remember to clearly, they were doing random drug searches in the lockers. Ranger "Rick" brought the drug dog right past me literaly like 2 ft away, and agin nothing happened, no bark, no suspicion or anything.

    I've heard before and I think its true that they need to be given the command to search whatever drugs. not entirely sure tho maybe I was just lucky?
  19. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    Yes, dogs only search on command....they won't randomly start freaking out if they catch a whiff of weed. The dog youi saw at the airport was more than likely a bomb-sniffing dog. Dogs aren't frequently used on domestic flights, and to the best of my knowledge, aren't used to sniff individuals when they are...just luggage and cargo. In school searches, dogs are NOT allowed to sniff individuals, just lockers, cars, and thaty sort of thing. You can't be singled out, and have the officer use the dog to "search" you. So yeah, I'd say you were simply lucky, and wouldn't use this as any sort of evidence dogs aren't effective at detecting drugs.
  20. Lit_Match

    Lit_Match New Member

    As well as what TM said, if what you're saying really happened I can only think of two reasons why the dog at the school didn't alert on you.

    1. Whatever weed you had on you was in the pipe and had been burned by the lighter (K9s aren't trained to alert on either burnt marijuana or marijuana smoke).

    2. The K9 walk through was just for show, the K9 was never instructed by it's handler to "find the drugs". The intent was to be a deterrent to bringing drugs on the premises, the intimidation was the presence of the K9.

    Trust me when I tell you a dog can pretty much track down whatever they want with their noses. Of the dozen dogs I've had in my life, I've never ceased to be amazed how when given a little time they can locate the most minute sources of smell.

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