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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by radiosurgery, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. radiosurgery

    radiosurgery New Member

    Hey everyone, first post on the site, lots of good stuff.

    First of all, despite what many of the moderators have said about various detox drinks, they do not all work by dillution. I have read up a lot about Absolute Detox, and it works by stopping your body from metabolizing fat for a certain amount of time, and I think that is a pretty legit way.

    But besides that, I had a question about Absolute Detox. I bought a bottle online, and on the back it says it works only for nicotine tests, and the directions say avoid nicotine and there is no mention to anything else. I was wondering if that is what all of the bottle say, or if I somehow bought a bottle that only works on nicotine.

    Anyone with anything to say, I appreciate it. Thanks!
  2. JackBauer

    JackBauer Sr. Member

    I am not so sure about this. The theory does sound solid that if you can stop fat metabolism before the urine test, a lower amount of THC metabolites would end up in the urine. However, I am not convinced that Absolute Detox or other drinks do accomplish this. The FDA regulates drugs with the highest of standards in the world as to their purity, efficacy, advertised claims, and indications of use but other things such health food supplements and herbs are not so regulated. Pharmaceutical companies aren't allowed to market their drugs as "The superpill that can fix anything." Health foods and other diet supplements can carefully word advertising with various claims without ever submitting support of these claims. I doubt this company (which looks like the same one that makes the great Quick Fix) ever had to submit clinical trials to the FDA proving that their product prevents the detection of nicotine or other toxins. Think about the claim on this product, it stops fat metabolism. First of all if someone knows the science behind how to stop fat metabolism I am sure they could reverse it and increase fat metabolism and we wouldn't have an obesity epidemic in the U.S. Second, I am pretty sure your body likes to metabolize carbs for energy first then fat then protein. If this is true it seems like you could accomplish the same thing as this product by flooding your body with sugar and carbs a few hours before the test so that your body would have no reason to tap its fat stores for energy or flood your body with new THC free fat from food by eating sticks of butter and slabs of bacon (which actually eating high fat food a few days before the urine test is recommended). Third, if there was a product that contained things so strong as to stop fat metabolism then I think the FDA would then regulate it.

    The nicotine claim is probably just code because they probably don't want to put "cleans illegal drugs from your body" on the label.

    We have a couple of smart chemists and other people who might could shed some light on your product or weigh in on the effectiveness so maybe you could post the ingredient list and nutritional facts of the drink. I noticed on the website it has vitamin B2, Vitamin C, and creatine. The B2 and creatine are used during dilution so that seems to somewhat contradict that it doesn't dilute.
  3. radiosurgery

    radiosurgery New Member

    Although somewhat helpful, there are a couple of things I don't agree with. First of all, to assume that a process being possible one way meaning that it can easily be reversed is awfully presumptuous without a pretty vast knowledge of the subject. To go on and then assume that it being possible would solve the obesity problem is making quite a leap. Now I'm not saying that the claims made by the company are valid, or that this drink even works, but tearing down their claims using very loosely based, uneducated reasoning isn't very sound.

    That may have sounded pretty hostile, and no hard feelings, but those were some jumps in reasoning that I couldn't accept really, but you do have a good point overall. There is definitely no real reason to beleive that this drink isn't an expensive form of dilution and nothing more, but I put more confidence in this one drink than me trying to dilute myself. Also, working in 45 minutes - 1 hour is a lot easier than preparing up to 12 hours in advance. Now I just wait and hope I don't get tested/pass it...
  4. FakeBoobsRule

    FakeBoobsRule Nice legs are a must (LC)

    Where is your proof on this? Because that is what it said on the side of the bottle? Did the head of Labcorp or Quest tell you this? Don't believe everything you see. There may be a product that works 100% of the time for everyone but until I see proof of it, I am going to listen to the advice of some of the veterans here and the moderators. Many of the moderators have been here for years and have thousands of posts, many on the subject of drug testing. I don't know why people have been bashing the mods over the last few days but they have done research, listened to people, have experience with drug testing, have knowledge on the subject, and one even owns a collection site. This research is hard to do mind you because there are very few books or solid experiments done on a large number of test subjects on "How to beat a drug test." I know Abby Hoffman wrote a book called "Steal this Urine Test" but it is kind of old but such research and info is hard to find. The drug testing companies don't readily publish their research. The scientists that help develop these tests have money invested in the science so they don't go about telling you their testing flaws. If the info on how to beat drug tests was just out there then everyone from companies that drug test employees to cops pulling people over for driving under the influence would be at a disadvantage. Luckily, we have this site that helps take back power from The Man! They don't just post stuff because they are shooting from the hip. They are trying to help people pass with methods that work most of the time for most people. I am going to listen to the advice of someone who has posted a couple of thousands of times and has been here for years and not someone with 2 posts. Seriously, where is your proof that absolute detox works first of all for a majority of people who use it and second where is your proof that it works by stopping fat metabolism? Did you even take a drug test and pass using it. It says you hope you don't get tested. I agree with Jack, if it could stop fat metabolism then it probably wouldn't be over the counter.

    How much effort is there in buying creatine powder or eating a steak and taking some aspirin and vitamin B2? You had to go buy the drink didn't you? Oh my God, this 32 ounce bottle of Gatorade is sooooo heavy! This is too hard to do. If you are going to smoke when you could be drug tested, then don't you think you owe it to yourself to take the appropriate countermeasures?
  5. Lolo69

    Lolo69 New Member

    As a former marketer, any snake-oil company I can make any claim that it wants. I've researched most of the miracle detox products advertised on the 'net and those sold at places like GNC. They all claim not to be "masking agents." What the hell does this mean? They use detailed, junk science descriptions to describe how their products remove THC metabolites from your body, or "scrub your fat metabolities clean" (that was the description on the product I bought last year). Most of the people who purchase these products are desperate, like I was. They have to pass a test in a hurry so they buy the product with the most clever advertising. Once burned, by failing or getting a neg-dilute on a drug test, you're not going to go back and buy their product. But there are plenty of other desperate, paranoid people who aren't educated consumers or don't know a whole lot about drug testing that fall for the urban myths and plunk down a couple hundred bucks to buy this junk.

    I once worked for a company that verified the claims manufacturers made about their drinking water treatment units removing lead and other garbage from the water that came out of your tap. A majority of these manufacturers' products failed my company's tests. Therefore, these manufacturers were not allowed to put our precious seal of approval on their product's packaging as an added selling point to consumers.

    I could say that "Lolo's Laundry Detergent" removes blood, grass stains, coffee and ink from your clothes, and gets them 110 percent whiter and brighter. Who's to say the my laundry detergent doesn't, unless you buy it, use it, and find out that your clothes look just as dingy and dirty then before you used it. You'll find that reputable manufacturers, services and consumer products will not make claims that cannot be verified or proven true.

    Anybody can claim anything. So, beware of what you buy. I, too, was passing home tests with the detox garbage that I bought last year, thinking I was good to go, with my "scrubbed clean" fat metaboliites. Sadly, I wasn't.
  6. Secs

    Secs New Member

    If the easy method you described actually worked, do you think that this forum would be necessary? Think about it, if any of the detox methods reliably worked, why would we need to be here giving advice. We would just all work for the detox company's advertising department giving advice on how to use the product and typing testimonials.

    But you go ahead and take the easy way out. Post your results after the test,
    Don't drink any extra fluid of any kind before your test, just the absolute detox and smoke your pot up until your test. I, for one, would be really interested in the result.
  7. 1tokeovertheline

    1tokeovertheline New Member

    I am not a moderator and I think the detox magic drinks are a waste of money. I would like to see the results of that one too.:D
  8. JackBauer

    JackBauer Sr. Member

    Well you missed the boat on that one. I am glad you agree that there is no real reason to believe the drink isn't a form of dilution but my argument about reversing the fat metabolism process was not my main argument. That was a tongue in cheek response because those claims on these products can be so outlandish. Of course I realize not all processes are easily reversed nor do I need a vast knowledge on the subject of obesity when making an general statement like that. I wouldn't say I was joking about it nor would I say that the reversing comment was a scientific one. Have you ever heard the one about "why don't they make airplanes out of the stuff they make the black box recorders from?" It was kind of like that and it looks like you missed the forest from the trees. So as you say I am being "awfully presumptuous" about that statement, where is your evidence that absolute detox blocks fat metabolism? Why don't you print the ingredients? If going to the bathroom a couple of extra times before taking your piss test is so taxing you could buy some Depends.
  9. Hawg

    Hawg Sr. Member

    Long story short my sister in-law and my wife just used the dillution method and passed and one of thier friends thought I was full of shit and used a magic drink and guess what happened, she failed.

    Just another testimonial on the methods described here versus the magic shit.
  10. radiosurgery

    radiosurgery New Member

    I guess one way to piss off a forum of few educated people and a lot of blind followers of those people is to post something that is slightly different than what those educated people have to say.

    Listen all you idiots, this really pissed me off. For one, whoever said something about eating a steak or taking creatine powder, that powder is way more expensive than some drink that will probably help me pass a test ever will be. And on the steak issue, I don't eat meat, so I'm not gonna belittle that just to hopefully help me pass a test.

    I never said I was going to continue smoking up to the test, and I would like to know where the hell you guys pulled that one out of, although I have a pretty good idea. I will have 14 days of no smoke after 2 days of smoking, which followed 25 days of not smoking, so even with no product to help me out, I could quite possibly pass the test. I never had any idea that I could smoke weed up to the test, drink a drink, and bam, pass the test. I decided to put at least a little effort into not smoking before relying on a drink, or your dillution method. I have had friends who have passed tests with this drink, some multiple times, so I figured I would give it a shot. Before all you assholes flame me for trying to pass a test with a miracle drink alone, get your fucking facts straight. I took what the guy said immediately after me to heart, and considered it, but when I get a bunch of flame posts from people who don't know what they are talking about, I'm gonna take that with a grain of salt.

    "Jack Bauer" first says that he is glad I don't think that the claims are true, and then in the same paragraph asks me where my proof that it stops fat from metabolizing. Contradiction anyone? Did you even read that before you posted it or did you just think I would skip over it like you apparently did to my post. All of your wasted time flaming me for a point I never made, is ridiculous. First you argue the drinks are an expensive form of dilution, then you claim they don't work, and tell me to wear some depends if I don't want to take a piss a few times before the test. Again, contradiction, and all your arguments and counter points lack a little thing called cohesion, maybe you've heard of it. So Jack, did I cover your "main points" this time, or do I have to go over it again?

    Listen everyone, I never meant for this to turn into a war, but come on. I'm so sorry that I decided to break apart a weak argument from someone that all of you love and adore so much, because I forgot that posting 2000 posts makes you an expert. I have nothing against any of you, but just get off your high horses, and if you have something useful to post, do it, if not, keep your mouths shut for christ's sake.
  11. Explicit

    Explicit Sr. Member

    Just to touch on one of the many points being made, your body usually does prefer to burn carbs for energy first, then fat, and then protein. However this is dependent on what state your body is in. Catabolic vs. Anabolic. If you are in a catabolic state you will burn more muscle for energy than stored fat and you will more readily store the carbs you intake as fat. You get yourself in to a catabolic state by eating non-complex carbs, sugars, and meals that contain both carbs and fat. If you think that through that pretty much means the typical meal eaten by most Americans everyday puts your body in a catabolic state which is a big part of why we have such an obesity problem here. The ideal meals to eat are meals that contain either carbs and protein or fat and protein, but never both carbs and fat with your protein. This lethal combo really sets your metabolism on the path to the dark side of eating muscle for energy and storing your food as fat for another day.

    To relate this to preparing for a drug test, if you are trying to burn off stored fat leading up to the test you should really look in to eating only protein and carbs or protein and fat meals. You can eat each of them through out the day given a few hours in between atleast but never eat both carbs and fat in the same meal. Of course a couple days before the test it would be wise to switch to a catabolic state by eating high calorie fatty meals with carbs to stop the THC release as much as possible like many have said before.
  12. Explicit

    Explicit Sr. Member

    p.s. - All magic elixirs are scams
  13. Secs

    Secs New Member

    Well, no one "flamed you". Everyone contradicted you on one point or another, but you were the only one calling names and swearing (neither of which is appreciated here).

    You were also the one who said that Absolute Detox does not work by dilution and it would help you to pass a drug test. Now you post that abstinance will probably be the thing that helps more than anything else to get you a negative result on the test.

    All I was saying, is put your faith in your product. Use pot in your normal manner, then use your almighty Absolute Detox ans see what it gets you. You cannot stop smoking pot long enough to pass on your own, with normal urination, then claim that the detox product worked.

    Next time you want to post a controversial point, be prepared to field some posts in opposition. Keep in mind that because someone posts an opposing argument, it is not flaming, it is called a debate or discussion. Calling people "idiots" and "assholes" is flaming and is not tolerated. You don't need to take my word for it, there is a link to the posting guidelines at the bottom of my posts. Read it for yourself.

    And... creatine needs 3-4 days to metabolize into creatinine and be expelled from the body in the urine. Drinking a detox drink containing creatine 12 hours before a test won't help you at all.

    But, you are entitled to your opinion without someone calling you an idiot or an asshole, just like all the others posting in this thread.
  14. radiosurgery

    radiosurgery New Member

    Ok, insults and swearing aside, why do I keep being treated like some Absolute Detox advocate? I have no loyalty to that product, or any other product, and I don't understand why I keep being treated as such. Smoking pot up to and right before a test, using any method, even the one outlined on this forum, is really not a very intellgent approach, therefore there is not anything out there that I am going to put my complete faith in. My question was not even if Absolute Detox was effective or not, it was if a drink could be specifically formulated to only work on nicotine.

    I would gain nothing in saying I smoked weed every day and passed the test with this drink. All that would do is bring misinformation into the forum where it doesn't belong.

    Regardless, I apologize for the post, and I won't resort to insults and swearing again.
  15. JackBauer

    JackBauer Sr. Member

    First of all I want to start off by saying I think there is a strong posibility that this post was really never about absolute detox and that this is more about a banned member trying to get his petty revenge. More on that later.

    Second, you want a contradiciton, well here are two glaring examples provided by yourself.

    From your first post in this thread:
    Now here is your second post in the thread:
    That is a contradiction! You stated that your false idol absolute detox works by stopping your body from metabolizing fat. You didn't say you think or it may or it is possible. You said "it works by." Then you decide maybe you could be worshipping a false idol and you say "there is definitely no real reason to beleive [Sic] that this drink isn't an expensive form of dilution and nothing more. Which is it know it all? Does it work by some method of blocking fat metabolism or there is no reason to believe that it isn't an expensive form of dilution? By the way, I am being repetitive there because you seem to forget what you wrote or have trouble understanding or maybe you are just here to start an argument. Also, I know that overall I have a good point. When I said I am glad you agree the claims are probably false as well as stating where is your proof I am merely covering both of your points which are quite different. One minute you say this stuff works by stopping fat metabolism then you say oh it probably doesn't. So either you show some solid proof and not just "some of your friends passed" or you acknowledge that there is no reason to believe the claim. Did I repeat myself enough times for you? Maybe it is you who should read the posts more carefully.

    Next, point out where I said these products don't work. Tell me and everyone else here which post and line. Don't quote it and try to manipulate the quote because I'm not having any of that. I think you should listen to your own advice and take the time reading my posts and not skipping things. Show me, as you say bring it on. Well you can't show me because I never said that! Booyah! :laugh:

    Next, your thing about the steak. You said that prepping 12 hours for the test was hard. The only thing you do before the day of the test (or 12 hours or more before the test) is the creatine loading. If you meant that eating red meat wasn't hard but you don't eat meat then maybe you should have said that. "A lot easier" is not the same as "I don't eat meat." Actually, I think you enjoy a nice tube steak every once in a while. In that same part of your stupid post is something about "that powder is way more expensive than some drink that will probably help me pass a test ever will be." That shows you how little you know about what you are saying. 25 grams of creatine powder goes for $12 right now on a nutrional foods website. You can even get the second for $6. I am sure if I did more shopping I could get a better deal by buying a bigger size to begin with or a different website. If steak was too expensive for someone, you could always buy ground beef. How much does your precious little drink go for? 30 bucks?

    The part about smoking up to the day of the test, don't you get that. You want to talk about people who don't know what they are talking about. It is you who is lost. I understood the point of that post immediately. Sec3 is trying to make a point about the effectiveness of the product and how if you really want to put it through its paces then load up on some THC brotha! Also, ever here about 1 variable in a scientific study. I am sure all of this went over your head but I don't have time to explain it all to you. Just think about it and maybe one of these days it will come to you. You think you know it all so you should have figured out that argument a long time ago.

    Finally, I wouldn't be surprised if you are a banned member back for revenge. Your thought process and writing style looks like someone who is trying to disguise this as a sneak attack on a moderator or member who shut you down in another life. You said things about blind followers, get off your high horses, not wanting to get flamed, telling us to get our facts straight, starting off the whole thread with a loose attack on the mods,and a vague reference to someone with 2000 posts. You really don't seem to know much about the product anyway and the whole argument is more like you going after people who believe how to dilute in a certain way. It is as though you want to prove the dilution protocol wrong. I even think I know who you might be. What is your name? It doesn't matter what your name is, just take yourself to the smackdown hotel, shine your bottle of absolute detox up nice and pretty, turn it sideways, and show it off! Learn the difference between a forum for discussion and a forum for debating.
  16. Secs

    Secs New Member

    Thank you Radiosurgery for your apology for the swearing and name calling.
    JackBauer posted at the same time as your post, so he didn't see the apology before posting or I am sure he would not have been so passionate in his reply.
    End of discussion.
  17. JackBauer

    JackBauer Sr. Member

    Sec3, you don't watch much wrestling do you? :laugh: That was line that The Rock uses. If it is good enough for primetime censors come on it has to be good enough for our censors, especially with the relaxed rules. Now go get that guy who is posting questions in the thread about from the tester point of view, question that have nothing to do with the tester's point of view! :cool:
  18. Secs

    Secs New Member

    I watch as little professional wrestling as possible, so I have no idea which line you are refering to, unless it was the one I altered for you.

    I thought about addressing that post in the "from the tester" sticky, but I thought if I ignored it, he would then be forced to ask it in a place where it can be better seen. Maybe I will move it, but I have moved the last 3-4 posts in there and I get tired of it. If people post in the correct area, it would make the searches no one does even easier to use. :rolleyes:

    Oh well, I try, and I try.
  19. Hawg

    Hawg Sr. Member

    Thats good because I did not think we were idiots, just helping people. Oh Well, i guess i will have to reavaluate my opinion of myself.:D
  20. 1tokeovertheline

    1tokeovertheline New Member

    We're not idiots??? WHEW!!!! Thanks Hawg. If you change your mind after the evalulation let me know.;)

    I see dumb people, all the time, they walk around and don't even know they're dumb.:angel: (they usually have an angel following them)

    Give 'em hell Jack.....do you SMELL-L-L-L what I'm cookin'? I watch rastlin' once in awhile.

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