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Discussion in 'Blood, Hair & Saliva Testing' started by dajints, Mar 17, 2004.

  1. dajints

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    i will only have time for 7 clean days prior to my hair test. i was advised to use the aloe rid shampoo and conditioner twice a day and also get my hair bleached and dyed to original color. was told this would have a high probavbility of success for a pre-employment psychemedics test. i welcome any comments.
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    How often do you smoke ?? If it is seven days it is in the base of your follicles right now I would guess...If you are a heavy user you are sure to not pass as the rest is already in your hair unless you try something like macujo method on one of the other threads page 2 I belive but you better get a good short hiarcut and shave the rest of your body too. What have you got to lose ?? I used the aloe rid shampoo and clarifier, clear and clean , vinegar and tide and came out clean but had much longer than 7 days clean ....good luck tho your results even if you fail and better if you pass :indiffere
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    Nobody really knows how well Aloe Rid works, everyone seems to use it in conjunction with something else, so it's impossible to determine what the deciding factor was. Stopping 7 days before your test will definately not do much to affect the results, since psychemedics says it takes 5-8 days for the "toxins" to show up in your hair in the first place. It's more for long-term than short-term detection. The only thing I can recommend (and I'm not saying this from personal experience, only what I've heard) is to do macujo's vinegar/clean&clear/tide method, and pick up some detox shampoo for good luck. I've heard a few people say the detox shampoo "Hair Klean" worked for them, but again, I can't guarantee it was that alone, most of these people didn't smoke for at least a few weeks prior. Overnight it (it's like $30) and maybe you'll get lucky.

    Please post your results, we're all curious when it comes to hair testing.
  4. dajints

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    I will give sample on Monday and get answer on Wednesday. I was a pretty regular smoker until about a month or so ago ive smoked around 3-4 times since then and will have a 7 day clean period before monday. NORML seemed fairly confident I would pass.
  5. dajints

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    I was nervous as hell and I feel the weight off my shoulders as I got confirmation I passed and start a new awesome job on 4/5. After bleaching my hair and dyeing twice to get the color back I continued to use the aloe rid twice a day. The night before I soaked with apple cider vinegar and did the aloe rid. Morning of test i soaked again with the vinegar, washed hair with fab liquid laundry detergent (no tide so i figured cant hurt) then did the aloe rid treatment, and finally used the gel from the detoxify root clean kit. Went straight to testing spot and gave sample. My hair ranges form 1-2 inches in lengthand the test was Psychemedics. Came back clean. I hope this helps someone else too. Thanks to everybody who posted so I could find advice on what to do.
  6. aki

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    Wow dajints, I would have wagered against your passing based on your usage. Thank you for following up on your test results.

    In my research, I've found scientific studies that show that hair dye and decolorant treatments do indeed change hair concentrations of several drugs including marijuana byproducts. Apparently, the hydrogen peroxide in these treatments is able to penetrate the hair shaft and oxidize whatever is found there. Here is a link to one of those findings:

    Psychemedics also admits that these treatments can affect drug concentrations but do not state to what degree exactly - obviously they have a business and are trying to make money.

    An article in the journal Life Sciences states that THC concentrations in hair decline rapidly when exposed to high humidity levels. Possibly, warm to hot showers over time will aid in testing negative due to the humidity. I found this article mentioned on norml's web site.

    It also seems that not many people have been sure what period of pure abstinence is needed to test negative. A school that implemented hair testing gave their students 90 days notice before the first hair test (performed by psychemedics):
    That timeframe has been verified on this and other message boards as well I believe:

    Also, aloe rid does seem to work at removing chemicals/byproducts from the hair shaft. There are former hospital patients that use it after being drugged up. Aloe Rid has returned people's hair back to normal following anesthesia which deposits in hair. There is no telling how many applications of aloe rid you need to use to make an appreciable difference though.

    Congrats again dajints. :thumbsup:
  7. Bg18

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    dajints, congrats...good job i hope my news is as good...but i'll let you all know either very nervous now...smoked 10 days ago and only 4 times in the last 3 months...

    aki, i appreciate the link about the hydrogen peroxide and dyeing of the hair...very useful especially since it may have helped dajints

    i have probably 2-3 wks before i get many times should i do the bleaching of my hair?...should i start now or wait until closer to the test?...

    i plan on shaving all my bodyhair down to .25 inches...and leaving my armpit hair long, that way i can just concentrate on treating my armpit hair...

    my hair on my head is always just about a wiffle length
  8. aki

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    I would bleach it a couple times if you have time for it. I'm sure twice is better than once. I'd do it now, and close to the test time like dajints did - and post your results :)
  9. shaidar

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    Hydrogen Peroxide

    Aki: Great post!

    I read the paper you linked to, and it answered quite a few questions. I did a little research into the effects of hydrogen peroxide on THC metabolites and found a few interesting quotes. First it can be used as a urine addative (although they commonly test for it) but nevertheless it can be used to oxidize THC metabolites making them undetectable:

    "Industrial grade will destroy half the THC metabolites. Household strength hydrogen peroxide does nothing. 30% H2O2 may oxidize the THC metabolite into something that would not react in the screening test and would show up as something different by GC/MS"

    It's also one of the main ingredients in Tide and other household and industrial strength cleaners. Which gives a bit of scientific evidence that the clean&clear/tide method works.

    Furthermore it's completely safe (if diluted), and shouldn't harm your hair.

    Evidently it's also useful for disinfecting water for use in your hydroponics kit :idea:

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