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  1. I had to quit smoking years ago due to work....but when I get a good amount of time off I will enjoy a onnie or two. I thought I had it down to a science on how many days it would take to pass a home test....the problem I now have is this.....I had two hits (inhales) the other night..the next day I took the FirstCheck test just to see a positive result, but it came back I gave a test to a friend who had smoked a few onnies each night for three nights st8 (plus smokes a few a week for months) she passed the same day she had smoked a then I took another test to a friend who smokes a few onnies almost every day ( plus had smoked that day) and they passed also.................So i wonder how can this be?
    I understand these are 50ng test but come can you smoke and still pass these test?
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    Some can pass quickly and some can't. First check is advertised as 99.9% accurate. Do a search using the search feature to confirm it.
    On a side note. If you keep pushing trying to fool drug test. Sooner or later, it will bite you in the ass unless you can sub successfully with clean or synthetic urine.
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  3. Thats the thing....Im not trying to fool the test. Im trying to figure out how somebody can smoke a few hits almost weekly and still pass the home test....and it is not only one person. Granted they dont smoke Js or bowls but still THC is has anybody else passed these home test and smoke frequently( few onies a week)
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    1) Everybody or ,as Sec says, every body, is different.

    2) Yes, people have passed smoking a few hits a week.

    3) Once I smoked all weekend. Joints and bowls. Friday night, Saturday and Sunday and passed a "real" pre-employment test given on Monday morning.

    4) I don't recommend anybody, that is looking for employment or on probation or any other court order drug test of any kind, to smoke dope.

    5) If you smoke dope. You have a real good chance of failing a drug test sooner or later.

    6) Even substitution has been screwed up. (spilled sample, temp incorrect, etc.)

    7) Age, metabolism, diet, body fat, exercise, lack of exercise, etc. changes and effects how long it takes someone to get clean.

    8) The time it takes you to get clean this month, may not be the same next month.

    9) It's early in the morning and I haven't finished my first cup of coffee yet.

    10) That's all I got.

    Have a good day,
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    I used First Check when I was testing myself. I was still testing positive at 10 weeks with First Check. So I know it worked for me. Then a few weeks later I finally tested negative. I took about 6 first check home tests and they all seemed to be accurate. Maybe you and your friends have high metabolisms or had really diluted urine :confused:.
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