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Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by duckmn56, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. duckmn56

    duckmn56 New Member

    Hi all,

    Like others here I have been diagnosed with adhd. I currently see a doctor for it along with other ways of dealing with the disorder I have to make in my life. Here is my question I know it is not recognized as a treatment for the disorder however it does help me...That being said it isnt legal in my state as of now but it should happen soon. I was just wondering how you guys went about getting medical status since it isnt officially recognized for that.

    I know for me it helps me best in dealing with my anxiety which I think I developed from use of my meds..being on all those stimulants since first grade does have negative long term effects...Also it helps me concentrate when I cant...
  2. shibshib

    shibshib New Member

    Short answer: no, you really don't stand a chance at getting it for adhd. Your anxiety, however, may be the key to getting it though (it worked for me).

    For answers to your other questions, search and find the couple other ADHD threads floating around in the Medical marijuana forum.
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  3. buzz_69

    buzz_69 New Member

    ADHD / Cannabis PAtient Association in Europe

    Hi Duckmn,

    I am a french ADHD late diagnose. I am medicated with Dutch cannabis, I get legaly in Netherland with german prescription, but I don't have the right to get it back in France... have trial on court ....

    With a number of patients, we decided to act and form an un-official association group under the web site :

    Medicinal Cannabis for ADHD / Cannabis Medicinal pour les troubles d'hyperactivite

    You can find there a lot od scientic information :) hope it can help. We are very few ADHD to group so we need support and help from US. We will probably take part of the ADHD intern congress. All info on the web site.

    Best and peace.
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  4. Vinton

    Vinton New Member

    I'm waiting for my GP to fille the form for legal use in Canada.
    I suufer from MS spasms, cyclothymia, ADHD and tourettes tics.
    I've tried Legal junk from the pharmacy and I'm no pleased.
    I was prescribed sativex but wonder if it would be good other than MS like depression or ADHD or calming tics..

    Sativex costed $295.00 for one month (insured) but if I could use it while I get the license it wouls suite me..

    Any advive is welcomed..
  5. buzz_69

    buzz_69 New Member

    In Canada you should be able to find a compassion club? I was in Montreal this summer and they have very good qualities. Registration is easy with doctor diagnostic.

    I recommend you to find a CBD containing strain. CBD is geting known in europe, not in canada/US as I know. I am prescrobed CBD from Dutch pharma and CBD really helps to decrease THC psychoactive effect + calming effect , specially for my intestins. The strain is BEDIOL and I know many ADHD have positive trials with it.

    Maybe you could ask for Canada to import the bedrocan qualities (Bedrocan medicinale cannabis). This is what I fight for in France ..... alone .... but stringer than all :)
  6. ciregg222

    ciregg222 Sr. Member

    I have seen your posts before. how is the sativex working ?? did you up the dose?? do you feel anything?? any help of affects??
  7. duckmn56

    duckmn56 New Member

    buzz im sorry I had trouble understanding you message, I agree CBD reduces psychoactive effects of THC but are you saying that it reduces or helps the calming effects?

    Are you saying that cannabis with higher amounts of CBDs are better for treating adhd? From what I think I know cannabis with higher amounts of CBDs is more of an indica? Which I know doesnt help me....Sativas seem to help more..
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  8. buzz_69

    buzz_69 New Member

    CBD and ADHD Medicine

    Yes Duck ;)

    From my recent experience, I found CBD very helpful for calming down. I explain :

    I used to smoke Haschish for some 13 years and then get autoproduction product. I then realize, lately, that my stuff was different from Hashish. Then I got a prescription for Dutch cannabis : bedrocan, original is JAck, 18% THC no CBD. And 2 monhs ago I get a prescription for Bediol, 6%THC but 7.5% CBD. SO naturally I mix bedro and bediiol, and I get 2/3 THC for 1/3 CBD in the mix. And for me result is exellent. I am more relaxed, less stoned, and I really manage everything better. ANd Also I feel it helps the anxiety.

    The indica is better also but more for the evening. I don"t know the cBD content??

    And also yu know probably that CBD is a THC prodtcu so it can appear more in some preparation or older harvested stuff ... it is very complew, but I believe the CBD is something important for us ADHD. THC alone is switching us on to much , and sometimes increase hyperactivity :)

    I would be happy to continue discuss on other experiences.

    If someone know the miraculous strain with 50/50 THC-CBD, like the bediol or bio-sativex lol The bediol seeds are owned bu Bedrocan (Bedrocan medicinale cannabis ) and so private property ....



    Medicinal Cannabis for ADHD / Cannabis Medicinal pour les troubles d'hyperactivite
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  9. duckmn56

    duckmn56 New Member

    Interesting I mean it makes sense,

    When I was younger and this is still considered to be possibly the best combo for my school work but the side effects were terrible for me. Was Ritalin and chlonadine. One was a stimulant and one was a sedative.

    I havent really tried the mixture for meds.....

    I dont know the specific percentage of the stuff I was using before

    Jack herrer
    pink maui
    maui waui
    ak 47
    sour diesel

    I know they are known enough to find an average...
    They all seemed to work to a well enough degree but I did have some issues. One thing was my brain got burned out on one kind for a period of 2 days of the same kind. So I just switched it up, that worked I kinda felt like I was in my own little world sometimes. Also that I was a little slower...Not performing at a higher cognitive level that I did before the medicine.

    I do know there is a postive influence of mj and treating my adhd that is undeniable. However, since there isnt alot of doage information I am kinda trying to make it up as I go.

    I ended up vaping 2times a day a dose of 0.02 to 0.03 grams each time.

    I have started to notice that if i smoke at night the next day i am not slow but not super duper. I havent had a chance to try this yet in a classroom setting since thats where my trouble is. I will when the semester starts again.

    I agree talking this out would help me at least...hopefully you too
  10. buzz_69

    buzz_69 New Member

    Are you helped with such low dose as 0.02/0.03 g 2 times a day?

    My actual level is roughly 150 mg THC / 50 mg CBD / day.
  11. ciregg222

    ciregg222 Sr. Member

    As people become more aware of the indica vs sativa strains .... they find their personal niches.

    Hopefully more breeding will be done with CBD and THC in mind for medical applications.

    I have anxiety, and CBD strong Indicas are like xanax for me. However Sativas with high THC can make me a bit too energetic and bad for the anxiety.

    Right now, I dont even smoke because I dont know what I am getting. The answer of "good shit" does not cut it for me. Often it offends people that I wont smoke their "good shit" but thats just because they dont understand the diversity of natural cannabis and what makes a good experience for others.

  12. duckmn56

    duckmn56 New Member

    yeah any higher than that dose with my vape and that bud I actually get high... or more than I want to be in class..

    i started at 0.05 and it was like smoking a bowl before class, way too much for me to be helped.

    I found that there was a fine line between too much and not enough.
  13. buzz_69

    buzz_69 New Member

    Yeah, I agree with the idea : "not enough / too much cannabis" border is not easy to find. We are all quite different, different brains and symptoms, so it is a fine art to find the perfect strain for treating.

    On my case, I need higher amount, as I said 150 mgTHC/50mg CBD per day. I am very stable at that dose for quite 10 years. It can increase in depressive period but it helps. I have tried eating (cookies, oil, ....) but the effect is too smooth and feel sleepy and inactive. I believe there is a major combination nicotin/THC leading to improved efficiency of the treatment (the marocco kif).

    I believe the key is to kind the strain. We regular users have a lot of experience in how it works on us.

    Concerning anxiety I confirm also that sativa, high THC, low CBD, are increasing intestinal pains. My experience, proved on animal models, is that the CBD relax he intestins very efficiently. It also help a lot for keeping calm (example; driving : can keep the same speed +/- 1 miles/h ;)

    Anyone having a "sativex" strain containg 50%CBD is welcome :)

    Medicinal Cannabis for Adult ADHD / Cannabis Medicinal pour les troubles d'hyperactivite chez l'adulte
  14. duckmn56

    duckmn56 New Member

    I would love to get my hands on some of that stuff..I wish I knew specifically what concentrations I had. I know a rough estimate but fuck this is my medicine and my life I want to know. I would like to be in control of that FUCK the legality of it. aghh this frustrates me so much, because its like people with adhd at least me have been guinea pigs for as long as i can remember but when i find an effective medicine WITHOUT all of those side effects it is illegal.

    the only time i really get the depression is when I stop after I have been ingesting twice daily.

    I also tried eating, I made milk for the convience of use and it is not hard to make. I also got the lazy sleepy feeling and I also started to get headaches? I stopped that and started weighing and vaping.
  15. buzz_69

    buzz_69 New Member

    In Europe we have the chance to have access to the bediol strain. I don't know where you live DUCK but I recommend to you to look to high CBD strain. As far as I know, the bediol strain is Bedrocan property, but I guess there might be an equivalent somewhere ;) Maybe it is a hybride Indica / industrial hemp ?

    If anyone have access to Indica composition in CBD I am interested. Also it seams the CBD increase with time before harvest, and THC decrease, but in which amount ? but I never could get figures on that.

    Best, Health and Peace :innoc:

    Medicinal Cannabis for Adult ADHD / Cannabis Medicinal pour les troubles d'hyperactivite chez l'adulte
  16. duckmn56

    duckmn56 New Member


    Ill try and see what I can find but now it is mostly just weed nuggets that is available. The only reason I was able to get the names I listed above is cuz a friend of mine had some from a dispensary in California. As of now it is illegal in Minnesota where I live.
  17. buzz_69

    buzz_69 New Member

    Medicinal Cannabis for ADHD and daylly dosage

    Unfortunately a lot of us need to fight against stupid local laws which bypass human right to heal.

    This is why we created the web site mcforadhd, to union. There is some actions in Germany, France, and many other european countries. Hopefully we have the Netherlands to help us getting some pharma medicinal garde of N°1 quality.

    Join us if you wish to involve in our common cause :) :D

    I would like to compare the dose of our treatment. What are your daily quantities (me 1g/day regular) ? If you could testify :)

    Medicinal Cannabis for Adult ADHD / Cannabis Medicinal pour les troubles d'hyperactivite chez l'adulte
  18. duckmn56

    duckmn56 New Member

    yeah definitely my daily quantity is 0.05 grams but I am going to experiment in a couple weeks with a daily dose of 0.025 ill see how that goes and post it up here again.

    I am 5'11-6'0 tall and weigh aprox. 165 lbs.

    I smoked everyday before starting my routine....but that was only for a couple weeks cuz the medicine I was taking for adhd made me terribly sick to my stomach.
  19. buzz_69

    buzz_69 New Member

    Daily dosage for ADHD

    If I understand well, you use 50mg a day. If you use high THC strain, then you shoul be around 20/25%, so around 10mg THC/day. I am surprised of such low quantity, but I know some persons are very intolerant and they need "nano"doses. Nano dose are proven on depression (Dr Blass Austria).

    It would be interesting to get other feedback from other ADHD. For example I have a friend consuming 2g, approx 300mg pure THC, double of me... and he just sleep well :) But this is a very impulsive guy, less stable and it seams normal. We all have different barins and neuro-chemical balance.
  20. duckmn56

    duckmn56 New Member


    I was kinda surprised at the amount also and you would be correct if the percentage is correct im assuming it is. I think one thing could be that I am using a vaporizer so it is efficient, dunno what you use.

    I know if you can get a hold of shib shib he is another guy with adhd treating it with mj.....

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