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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by soads, Feb 17, 2012.

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    hey, i am 26 year old male, 125 lbs, with an extremely fast metabolism. I quit smoking for about a year, and then just started about a month ago, ( every day smoker). I have had many urine tests in the past, due to probation and pre access screening, while smoking. I have never failed. I used a detox drink, and dilution and aspirin and abstained 48 hrs..... my problem is this: i had a pre access urine screen today....bought an "advanced detox solutions" immediate cleanser, followed instructions, drank lots of water, pissed lots prior and abstained for 48 hours... I was told advanced detox solutions is the best on the market and guaranteed to work...i was super confident id pass.....I tested positivefor THC and there sending it to the lab for further analysis.

    Now my question is this: just because the lady at the drug testing place tested me positive, does that mean the lab will definately test me the same? Like ive passed soo many tests in the past, and did all the right steps to pass this time...very frustrated....i would greatly appreciate it if people could tell me from experience if theyve tested positive, sent to a lab and results came back negative.... i need some hope here, folks...thanks

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