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    I purchased an AeroGarden Pro 100 at a yard sale last week. First, does anyone have any experience with this method of growing. Secondly, I would like to know what premixed fertilizer I should use that I can buy at Lowes. Five of the seven seeds germinated, are a week old and about 3 inches tall. First time grower here guys and gals. I was told that these seeds were a Northern Lights seeds. Thanks!
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    AeroGarden question

    An Aerogarden is simply an "Air-o-ponics" growing system. IMHO, Aeroponics is the best form of Hydroponics to date. The plant is in a container that sits above a reservoir that holds water in the lower portion so that when the roots make it there, they have a constant source available. This gives great oxygenation to the roots, keeps them moist and NOT wet and will produce some of the most vigorous growth possible. All my mothers, teens and clones are in such systems. I use an Ebb & Flow system for flowering because it is far less costly but does require more interaction. I have 144 o the cost would be overwhelming.
    One thing is to be sure to NOT over saturate the plants. 3-4 cycles/day is more than enough.I don't know what nutrients are available to you, but follow the guidelines all over this site as well as many others. Everyone has their preferences. ALSO, mix at a 30% to 50% lower concentration than the manufacturer recommends. Better to under feed than over. You can also buy them online...
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    hint: if you use distilled water in your grower,,get an aquarium pump and aerate your mix overnite b4 you put in the grower,,once you put it in the grower,,the fogger/sprayer will keep it oxygenated.:afro:

    hint,,due to limited light height,,you will need to move it to flower(12 on,12 off) as soon as they get 4>6 leaves on the plants.

    I call those "sampler gardens":cool:
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