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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by mudd.but, Aug 7, 2011.

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    Okay I've read every post I could find that relates to my situation, and still I'm sweating bullets... I need this job or I'll lose my car, house, and default on my loans. I would have gotten clean for it but the interview process/offer came so fast that I had no time.

    So I have to go take a drug test and physical at Concentra and there is no way I can piss clean (heavy smoker, only medical grade, clean for 2 days).

    My prospective employer gave me the Concentra authorization form and test custody control form. The authorization form is for a 10-panel nonreguated test. The custody form says the same and therefore I'm assuming they're going to send it to a lab for analysis. I know quickfix should work either way, but I'm still freaking just because I've never used it.

    MY BIGGEST CONCERN :eek::eek::eek: lies in the question of whether I will be able to take the UA first or if I will have the physical first. Either way, I'm crotching the QF in between two pairs of tight boxer-briefs.

    The posts I've read about Concentra say that they either make you go do the physical while wearing a pair of cotton shorts with your underwear or they give you the UA and then you go swap clothes for the physical.

    Here's my rational and planned approach. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment on this. I'm keeping this all to myself in order to avoid complete embarrassment if I fail and it currently feels like I'm going to have a nervous breakdown:(:eek::(:eek:.

    If I'm ordered to do the physical first, I think I'll be able to conceal the bottle in a macguivered pocket inside of two pairs of briefs even if the doc decides to give me the hernia check. Just as long as the full bottle doesn't pop out or make a thud on the floor when I pull down my skivvies. This rational seems like it should work in the reverse too (taking the UA and then changing for the physical).

    If they make me strip down to nothing (which I haven't heard of from Concentra) then I'm F'd. I was thinking maybe I could quick tape it in between my cheeks but I really don't know.

    Does anyone know of a way to tell whether or not they will do the hernia check by looking at the form? It just says Med Eval. to include: physical by physician, vitals, chest x-ray, and some other crap. I'm going to assume a physical includes a hernia check.

    PLEASE someone comment on this for me. I'm desperate, nervous, and downright scared. :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::(:(:(:(:(

    I'll be sure to report the results when I get done. This site has been a WEALTH of information. Praise be to the interweb!
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    Greetings mudd.but

    Then read on.

    When a screen/physical, subbing can be a risky endevor. You never stated when, but if you have time to follow a prescribed dilution regimen that may be your better option. See here http://www.marijuana.com/urine-testing/12956-dilution-tips-tricks-guidelines-n2.html

    Best ~
  3. mudd.but

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    Thanks for the reply. There is no time to use dilution as an option. Subbing is all I can do.

    I think I should be able to hide it inside of my underwear if they don't make me strip for the physical. I've practiced with the QF and I can keep the temp around 94-96 for three hours using only body heat. I am headed in Wednesday. I'll post my results after. Wish me luck...
  4. Ruckus

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    Understood and all the best to you mudd.but.
  5. mudd.but

    mudd.but New Member


    I literally just got out of the Concentra Clinic 5 minutes ago. I had to wait for an hour before going in and then get blood drawn/vitals taken before I could do the UA. Went in to the bathroom an hour and a half later with my QF in the secret pocket of my sewed up underwear, checked the temp - 98!! Dumped it in. Pissed in the toilet. Went out and the nurse checked everything off. She split 2 samples for the 10 panel test and then saved an additional sample for some other kind of testing (anyone have an idea what for??? The physical is for a medical surveillance program at the company for chemical exposure).

    Now the waiting game.... I'm still worried as hell because I don't know what the additional urine sample was for and whether or not it will blow everything up because it's QF and not real urine. If it's for some kind of chemical exposure analysis will they be able to tell that it's QF???

    Answers would be great... Thanks so much. This site has been a much needed crutch.
  6. Ruckus

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    Nothing to worry about mudd.but. A split sample was ordered. One to test and the other safely stored for such circumstances as errors in collection protocols or a finding of non-negative on the screen and confirmation. You would then have the right to request that the stored sample be sent to an independent lab (at your or the employers expense) to be restested. Simply a standard procedure for a split sample collection.

  7. mudd.but

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    The waiting hurts...

    Well it's been over a week now since my urine test. I haven't heard anything from the company yet. I have a start date that was chosen before I went to Concentra for testing. I haven't given my current employer two weeks notice yet in the chance that I failed any of the tests, but the start date for the new job is getting awfully close to the two week minimum...

    I'm half excited to start a new job and half terrified to put my two weeks in and then find out there was issues with the urine because it was QuickFix. Then I will be out of a job because of these damn corporate bullsh*t policies.

    But I think in this case "no news is good news", right????
    Anyone know the standard turnaround time for urine testing (both for drug panel and any other tests)???
  8. Ruckus

    Ruckus New Member

    1-2 days for a negative. Up to 1 week for a confimation of non negative.

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